How to report and track bad drivers

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  • I almost got run over by an addison lee driver on Saturday, I was cycling on Berwick Sreet and the driver came from Noel St simply crossing in front of me, I managed to avoid the crash but if I was a few seconds earlier or just a little faster, well, luckily I wasn't. I could see the driver panicking then driving away...

    So today as my girlfriend left in the morning on her bike, as she does every day, the Saturday scene played back in my mind and it made me really worry about her safety, it sounds silly but I couldn't stop but think some reckless driver would not slowdown and check for her, and honestly I felt pretty powerless, so this got me thinking and a few clicks away I was here, I haven't visited lfgss in a while but it was my first port of call, I wanted to know what was going on in london and what the sentiment was, then I got terrified by learning there's a new section called Rider Down, reading that gave me the chills, specially reading the offences listed by @spindrift committed by the same driver that killed Alan Neve after jumping a red light.

    In December 1997, he was convicted of drink-driving for which he was disqualified for 18 months.

    In July 1998, he was convicted of driving while disqualified, which he had committed in June, just six months after his disqualification.

    In December 2004, he was convicted of driving a lorry with a skip which carrying a dangerous load, in other words was overloaded; displaying a tax disc which did not match the registration of the vehicle; driving without the appropriate operator's license for the vehicle.

    In May 2007, he was again convicted of driving with excess alcohol and disqualified for 36 months which would be reduced to 27 months if he undertook a driving course.

    In July 2007, he was convicted of driving a van whilst disqualified and give a further 12 month disqualification.

    In September 2008, he was stopped, driving whiles disqualified, a 7.5 tonne lorry. He gave the police a false name because he knew he was both driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance; he was disqualified for a further period of 14 months.'

    In addition, he has previous convictions for assault, criminal damage and drug possession.

    This is crazy, how many near misses has that driver that almost hit me on sat had? No one knows. But I could have snapped a photo of his number plate and quickly uploaded it with geodata to an app that would track the incident, then if someone else had had an issue with this same driver I'd know right away.

    What do you guys think, does this app already exists? I want to use it! If it doesn't exist, would this be useful? I googled and found and as web based versions, but no mobile apps, hey nearmiss and, mobile makes more sense, you should make one, so I'm hoping it exists but if it doesn't, we could make one, I can design, is there any coder here that would like to collab?

    Apologies for the brain dump and lengthy message :) and peddle safe!

  • Look for the roadsafe thread

  • wow nice one, cheers @dancing james 247 pages long, is there an app or the quickest way is to snap the driver and send it to­don, although I didn't find an upload button on that form?

  • Some browsers don't work well with the road safe site.

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How to report and track bad drivers

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