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  • Ha just seen this, think you got your 1st tubeless issue just next to inn deep, which is popular with the fixie beer crowd, those WTB are no match for Glasgows glassy streets. Think its October you did that just before Solstice so just about on the 12/12 daylight situation, you guys managed it in the 7 days without breaking into darkness OK? Might have a stab of it riding S>N in spring

  • inn deep,­-4.2809212,3a,35.9y,268.69h,91.01t/data=­!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipOlFiiln0JIm7ud7zUuC­BtSmF_0xs_ojVg7krqt!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2­­ipOlFiiln0JIm7ud7zUuCBtSmF_0xs_ojVg7krqt­%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya261.7051-ro0-fo­100!7i8704!8i4352?hl=en-US

    Yep. Table 23, in fact.

    I'm sure I made some kind of joke about quitting immediately and waiting until they started serving.

    It'll be on Strava I think or the blog. I think we did the middle days as back to backs and probably set up camp in the dark a couple of times. But we weren't exactly smashing it, we'd just ride with some random goal for the day but were very flexible. Stopped early to dry kit a couple of times, etc. I think it was getting dark at ~7pm maybe?

  • Late response but I did two days and then sacked it off due to being unwell.

    I was riding alone and found it quite tough going, but others have said the first part is the hardest. I would love to attempt it again as the scenery was great and so was the riding.

    Sorry for the insta link but there’s a couple of photos here:­?utm_medium=copy_link

    The camp spot was pretty sweet.

  • Tough, hilly or tough technical?

    Just looking at the elevation numbers it looks much hillier than the An Turas Mor trail. 4000m in the first 200k instead of 1500m or something like that.

    That camp spot looks lovely. Was it marked out or did you just pick it? I was thinking of breaking the Stage 1 200k into 4 x 50km sections and sticking with ~50k per day to make it easy and leave some time for maybe visiting a pub or cooking meals or whatever. So about half ATM daily distance (but there is about 4hrs less light)

  • Just hillier than expected. I wouldn’t say that the bits I did were technical at all.

    It was just a lucky spot. Although I had spent an hour beforehand getting frustrated because I couldn’t find anywhere to pitch.

    To be honest, I probably was a bit over ambitious. I wanted to do the whole thing in 3 and a bit days, haha.

    When are you planning it?

  • Just hillier than expected.

    Yeah, I dunno why I assumed it would be similar but it's quite a bit lumpier than ATM according to the numbers.

  • I couldn’t find anywhere to pitch.

    Always the way.

    We wanna go after xmas before NYE.

  • Yeah, it was my first time riding with a tent so totally didn’t factor in the faff time involved with that. Normally with a bivvy I just pick the least thorny looking bush.

    Nice! May the weather gods be with you. It’s been real mild (for this time of year) in Edinburgh recently, hopefully it continues for you.

  • relatively mild and dry over here too - you might get away with it. limited light might be depressing tho

  • I'm normally a bivvy guy (but then I'm normally racing). Yet to convince the missus of their charms. We have a bigger tent for this trip but I'm gonna get her in a bivvy at some point. (not a euph)

    We'll see about the weather. We had torrential shit for the first couple of days in Oct then lovely weather for the last days. Kinda wanna see it shit, so we know how bad we can work through (or not).

  • Yeah, still not as depressing as never leaving a flat in London. Even here the curtains are closed most of the day to keep the heat in and I don't look at anything other than a screen anyway. Dying up a Scottish mountain sounds positively refreshing. (Don't you dare call mountain rescue)

  • Looking for a route around the west coast for this summer. Mixed surfaces fine, want to see the Fairy Bridge at Appin and a few beaches preferably. Maybe 7-8 days inc travelling to/from London.
    Bit rusty for long rides with luggage so not looking for any silly long days or tech off roading. Start/finish accessible by train.

    Any suggestions?

  • The area around Mallaig is gorgeous - ferry out to Barra ? So many ferrys from Oban.

  • Yep, def want to do some ferry’s out of Oban etc. Know that’s the area we want just after some known routes etc as I’m terrible at planning...


    This is looking promising.

  • Morvern and Ardnamurchan peninsulas are both lovely with lots to explore. You can link them up with Mull and ferry from Oban, lots of possibilities.

  • search "always another adventure" on youtube for ardnamurchan tips

  • Oh that area looks fantastic! Cheers for the tip.

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Touring Scotland

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