Touring Scotland

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  • They were saved as "private" - sorry. Should be fixed now.

  • Paging @gillies

    He did it, looked fun on instagram.

  • There's no problem with going through private land as long as you're not damaging crops/going within a few hundred feet of dwellings. If there's an established track there it's especially a-ok, some landowners sign restrictions during hunting season but even that's not really enforceable legally as right to roam takes precedence.

    Re: bothies, don't have personal knowledge of them-you might be better searching on a climbing or MTB forum. Bothies will be open anyway-some are not in a great state of repair though so damp/smelly and in some instances you'd rather camp, especially in summer. Also, you could turn up to find that they're full, and have to camp anyway so better having enough gear.

  • If you just stick the badger route personally i would bivvy/ use Loch Ossian Youth Hostel which you need to book in your case. or Hostel/Killin hotel for a bit more spendies.

    SPeak with @mostly_by_bike he knows best on here for help.

    Also as Ube says right to roam beats grumpy farmers.

  • That's good to know. I looked at Loch Ossian Youth Hostel but it doesn't work as I'm splitting the route into three days. Seems like it may make sense to take kit for bivvying and anything above that is a bonus. Melgarve bothy has a few mentions on walking forums and seems like a possibility but Glen Sassun is a bit more mysterious and also involves a big detour, so I'll probably just bivvy near Loch Rannoch.

    Have booked a nice cabin to myself each way on the sleeper train so I'll be able to recover!

  • Melgarve bothy was open (full apparently) when I did the Badger earlier this year. So I reckon go for it. Stayed a bit further on in a wee eco hut in Laggan, much needed as it was still snowing in April.

    The climb up the Corry pass before it is hard, and look out for a massive bull we nicknamed Aidan Moffat at the bottom.

  • I think I know the hut you mean. Was going to book it myself but then realised there wasn't a shower and thought I may as well just bivvy. Think you use the toilets at a nearby train station?!

  • I think it's different, look for Laggan Glamping. We definitely had showers thankfully. I think it was £100 a night split between 4 of us but likely more now we are in the summer.

  • Melgrave is a great Bothy, it’s a two up two down so loads of space. I would be surpised if it was full. There’s another small Bothy on the north side near the top that’s also decent if things are getting grim, no fire though.

    Your options for the second night will probably be camping or BnB. Had a quick google, Glenn Sassunn rings a bell but I can’t find any details on it, it’s pretty off route so I would give it a miss anyway. We stayed at a campsite on route after Loch Rannoch however it’s name escapes me. Top sheltered picnic area for a bivy.

    You could bivy along the side Loch Rannoch but it’s a popular spot with weegie weekend campers so might be busy.

    Edit: The campsite is called Kilvrecht Campsite

  • Has anyone done the Sustans route 7 Lochs and Glens North from Glasgow up to Inverness recently? I've read reviews from many years ago but wondered if there was any recent feedback. I'm considering changing my plans as I'll be on a road bike nad am a bit concerned about the road conditions.

  • I did the stretch from Pitlochry to Inverness, 7 or 8 years ago. That bit is almost entirely on the path of the old A-road crossing the Cairngorms (running parallel to the current A-road), so it's pretty great for riding on a road bike. Not sure about the bit to the south, sorry.

  • Roughest part is doable on road tires in summer.

  • Good to know. Thanks LeePaton & scraplab!

    I'm up there later this week so I'll give an update here if anyone is interested. Got myself some 28 tyres just in case!

  • going to do the first couple of days of this (split over 3/4) with partner at end of the month. might carry on solo and do the remaining days... not decided yet

  • Going to book another bikepacking trip in Scotland in the new year. How early can I go without freezing? When do the tourists and midges kick in? Likely Badger Divide again or similar.

  • I had snow and minus temperatures doing the Badger in early April this year...

  • Cairngorms Loop had several impassable river crossings last April due to snowmelt

  • Depends on East or West, generally having lived on the west coast for 20 odd years April/May tended to be drier if not warmer. Midges come with the warmth and light winds.
    Had great weather in early May 2018 at Aviemore.

  • Thanks both. I had to cancel a lot of holiday because of the election and I was hoping to do a bike trip early in the New Year instead. But obviously I’m kidding myself if I think I can do it in the Highlands around that time.

  • Friend who lives on the Black Isle reported it as - 7 this morning.

  • That’s not bivvy weather...

  • Me and Liz camped in Pitlochry last New Years and went for day rides. Meant we could take a decent tent and duvets etc to counteract the vicious cold.
    Was bad enough for me attempting the Badger in Oct this year..

  • How’d you get on with Badger? I did it in September I think.

  • Ha that’s rad.
    I turned off the Badger shortly after Laggan as everything was a washout pretty much. Took the A9 through the Cairngorms and along routes I knew after that as was too soggy and tired to keep going off road..

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Touring Scotland

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