Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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  • How are people I know to be fairly average cyclists clocking (an admittedly virtual) 40km in an hour on Zwift on a regular basis?

    I assume it’s because of drafting but even so I’d be surprised if they could cling on to a chain gang at that pace.

  • Zwift speeds are just higher in my experience. Doesn't translate to outdoor speed for a given power

  • Also using estimated/dodgy power reading, intentionally or not.

  • Even with an accurate power meter you can put yourself in as shorter and lighter than real life so for the same shit wattage you hit higher speeds.

  • Sometimes the no drop meet-ups put you at a frankly ridiculous speed. I think one of the Tuesday morning meet-ups had us at 46km/h, even when Tom wasn’t dragging me along

  • Guys, it's a game.

  • This.

    Edit- that was supposed to be in reply to Phil's post.

  • Are you still 4ft 10 and 35 Kilos?

  • Is @Brun from Derby too then?

  • Although it’s a long time since you’ve been 35 kilos, me duck.

  • Mi duck.

  • I only weigh my lunch box.

  • I heard weight is a matter of perspective

  • Newton's inverse square law says you're right.


    No wind, you never stop or brake, no steering, perfect tarmac, perfect draft and some generous calculations by Zwift.

  • There are permanent big group rides behind bots, and probably the most popular 'C' one goes at 40kmh on a flat road. I don't think it's that unrealistic though, I'm a very average rider and 38-40km is about what I'd do in a small group at HHV on road bikes over 2 x 30 mins.

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Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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