Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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    "trainer setting must be set to 100% and you cannot use ERG mode"

    I don't get it. Wouldn't you use ERG mode to recreate the hill's gradient in terms of power required given weight?

  • ERG mode is for workouts. You'd use SIM mode for virtual rides

  • Ah, I was thinking you just had ERG and Slope, like in TR. So I assumed being in ERG would be Zwift setting the resistance to match the course.

  • There were people in my cat d race doing 5 w/kg. Why?

    I don't get it. I feel bad averaging about 2.8w/kg in cat D races, and finishing top 10-20% - and the person who wins is invariably doing 5. I mean, sure, big fish, small pond and all that, but isn't it a bit boring? they would still do well in the higher categories

  • Also, I just got into Zwift about 2 weeks ago, really enjoying it

  • What do you get for 'winning'? It's not like you'd get to be done the pub bragging about it.

  • Franger almost at his double everest­3MI

  • What do you get for 'winning'?

    I don't know, I haven't won yet. XP maybe? I'm going to guess just smug satisfaction

  • Team Ineos race is at 5pm today,­-JY

    I've watched some of the virtual pro races, it's different, but interesting.

  • I'm going to guess just smug satisfaction

    Which you don't have if you're some fat Cat 6 doing 7W/kg.

  • Ridiculous feat.

  • Yeah, 27hrs on a trainer can get fucked. He had lots of stream viewers and peeps chatting during so I guess that's a nice distraction and you don't have to descend but still, huge effort.

  • Massive effort. I did 2 hours today, 79km and 750m climbing. Completely knackered.

    I have no idea how he’s able to achieve that and look fresh at the end.

  • What's that? The whole Ineos team racing each other?
    That's one way to keep it legit - just have races with people you know have legit weights entered into the system.

  • I bought Zwift coz I was thinking about doing using it to vEverest as part of TGBR (­82) but I can't come to terms with the physics. At 100% it wants like 480W just to start moving. Now I know I'm fat but that's not close to legit. I've climbed enough real world mountains to pay attention to this Zwift bullshit.
    I assume it's something to do with with SIM mode and the fact I have a 57T TT ring on the Shiv so it'd probably drop after a bit of pedaling? I might try it with the Tarmac which has a Compact on it.

  • What's that? The whole Ineos team racing each other?

    Yup. And Zwift have been doing a series of pro races, with commentators and live streaming as well, they just did a London race last week:

    It starts about 13 minutes in

  • I didn't be surprised if the real world required something similar but that you're distributing the effort between your legs, moving your body forward, pushing with your toes, etc

  • Mine does the same; I takes an odd amount of watts to get going but soon settles into a manageable output to maintain.

    Same with shifting, it’s a little slow to catch up sometimes will rubber band a bit.

    Once you’re used to it, it’s very usable. I have no issue “feeling” the pace of the climb and managing my effort now.

  • Maybe, if I was in that gearing but I'm never silly enough to be running TT gears in the mountains and even when I'm stopped suddenly, restarting feels much easier on the road than on the turbo in Zwift. If I try and do a vEverest I'll need climbing gears or something I guess.

  • Maybe I'm used to TR which seems to work around that some how. I guess it reduces the load briefly when you're stopped. Unfortunately since bumping my FTP most of my intervals now involve stopping so I've had lots of practice. :(

  • Anyone else using RGT? I've had a couple of goes and quite like it (most of the time I use TR).

    Upsides :

    • Real Road simulation (Cap Formentor, Ventoux, Paterberg lap, plus a few others)
    • Seems pretty straightforward to organise group rides
    • Free at the moment


    • Really small user base so there's not much to speak of if you want to race
    • It didn't get on with my powertap pedals on bluetooth

    I quite like it though.

  • I tried it once (formentor). The background graphics are very good. The rider physics was pretty weird though. The avatar seemed to lean into corners at the same point no matter how fast you were going. Also no way to upload to Strava which is where I generally keep everything.

  • Well they seem to have fixed the Strava compatibility. Going to give it a bit more of a go I think

  • What's a better purchase:
    BTLE end caps for the g3 hub - allowing me to use the ipad mini 2 I have
    A new android tablet with ANT+ that I can strap to the bars somehow, because the otg usb c thing I have doesn't connect my phone to the hub.

    update the hub firmware


  • Which is the cheapest that uses the least resources?

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Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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