Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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  • Zwift used to like ant a few years ago. Had tacx trainer + btwin hrm + btwin cadence and wheel speed sensor (an extra thing that used to help it out) on an ant dingle into a pc. Worked very reliably only occasionally it would have a tantrum.. This winter only thing thats changed is the version of Zwift. It no longer likes the cadence and wheel speed sensor so only the trainer and now use it via Bluetooth only and is finicky as hell.
    Tacx unit somehow works out cadence good enough (slower to display the actual rpm but does show same as bwtin unit does +/- 5rpm
    Ant+ seems to being dropped by many companies, either its a pita/licensing issue or bt version 4.0 and newer are just that much more stable that its not needed anymore?

  • Well shit. I think I'm discovering this. May have to go for one of those Bluetooth converters

  • I'm just in contact with Tacx / Garmin because my Flux has decided to not be capable of Sim mode anymore (over bluetooth at least). Since the last two Tacx firmware updates I also have to manually add Cadence option in Zwift, doesn't happen automatically.

    I also just had to replace the bearings in the freehub as it was clicking like crazy and a replacement freehub was 75EUR!

  • Does anyone use Zwift from an iPhone? Can you take part in group rides etc or are you limited to the workouts?

  • The fact this was shipped from the Netherlands and delivered in a couple of days boggles the mind.

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  • What is it?

  • Cheapo Tacx Vortex. Didn't want to drop coin in case I don't get on with it. There's a 30 day free trial right now so we'll see! I'm hoping I love it, though.

  • And I thought pets had to be quarantined. What's the world coming to?

  • Does Zwift have a polo mode yet?

  • For a minute I thought you meant this...

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  • So I did a virtual clubrun Meetup yesterday - strange times - with the 'keep everyone together' option, and people dropped off the back, by 3 minutes or so.

    Does anyone know how it's supposed to behave? Can't find much online apart from over-serious Americans moaning about it disrupting their KOMs or something.

  • how are you finding this so far? tempted to pick one up myself!

  • Only two outings, but I like it so far. Did a short lap of the Innsbruck world champs route today. It hurt, but I'm out of practise. Will sign up for one of the training programmes this week, although I wouldn't mind trying one of the races as well.

  • It's neat to do 500m of climbing at home, before lunch.

  • nice one, thanks!

  • What devices are people using to run zwift? I've got an honor 10 phone but worried it might not be up to much for zwift

  • I've used my phone and a Surfrace Pro 2. I don't think the software is all that intensive, really.

  • I've used my moto g7 plus and it worked fine. When I just used a speed sensor and basic setup.
    I'm trying to get it back up and running with a borrowed powertap wheel and it's not worked yet.

  • @hippy mergey merge with turbo training advice?

  • Better off in the Zwift thread, but ain't no merge button now @Velocio

  • Apple TV for me. So nice to have it on a large screen

  • Has anyone ever used a wahoo ant+ key with an iPhone or iPad to control Zwift? I can’t make it work and it’s driving me nuts.

  • Sounds like @6pt was having a similar struggle

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Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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