Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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  • meh, that suggestion is stoopid, I want to create a ramp test that works for the people I coach in training peaks, not tell them they have to manually change their FTP settings to 200w so it works....

    runs off to raise ticket with training peaks

  • What suggestion? I merely asked clarification of what system you are talking about then posted a link that explained TrainerRoad doesn't allow explicit values for power, only a %FTP.

    TrainerRoad or Training Peaks? You keep writing TP but do you mean TR?

  • I was referring to that links suggestion, rather than yours...

    I'm trying to use training peaks, or TP...

  • Gotcha, I've only used TR. Do you have the paid TP?

  • I have access to my clubs coaching account, which includes all the stuff you get for premium plus the ability to create programs and look at all other members workout data...

    I've not used trainer road or even ever looked at it to be honest, we did look at today's plan which looks good, but we've been using training peaks for so long it would be painful to rebuild all the sessions and plans we have in there.

  • That looks so awkward. Steering with the bike completely upright is not a real feeling at all, and it pretty much rules out sprinting.

  • Going to try racing tonight. FTP w/kg puts me in the top end of Cat B.

    Anyone done this? Is it silly or actually fun?

  • 'Fun'. Everyone goes out super hard, then it settles after the first km or so. If you don't have a drafting powerup, you won't win the sprint.

  • Do they all finish as sprints? Any advice on tactics?

  • Any advice on tactics?

    Put in your weight as 55kg.

  • I only weigh 3 Earths in Zwift compared to my usual 5.

  • Jesus. I'm not a Team Sky rider

  • Having never raced in real life, and only competed in about 5 Zwift races in Cat C, I don't feel adequately qualified to give tips. Only to go out hard from the line to get established in a decent group, big splits happen straight away and if you get stuck at the back it's hard to jump up through the groups.

  • Hi guys,

    Don’t know if this is the right forum. I have no idea what I need to get training indoors, does anyone have any advice? Ideally I’d like to train using zwift, but don’t know anything other than that! Happy to answer questions to give more info!

  • Do you want to chase avatars around or train or a bit of both?

    I'm sure you can train on Zwift but if your really want to focus on training, then try trainerroad and choose your own entertainment. Music/TV has to be more entertaining than chasing avatars and if you are training, you can't really chase avatars anyway..

  • That sounds good too, do you have any recommendations?

  • My new setup...

    Enjoying it a lot more than using a normal bike on a trainer.

    Need a bigger fan though. Sweaty.

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  • 18" floor fan, it's necessary!

  • Probably.

    The one in the pic only generates enough breeze when I use the tri-bars and my face is basically in it.

  • Definitely.

    I noticed the other day I have ridden the equivalent of LEJOG-JOGLE on Zwift in total, biggest fan you can find is important.

  • I do mine outside, sans fan. It's ok in winter but a no no in summer

  • For what exactly?

    TrainerRoad has loads of plans that you can choose for your goals. Ideally you'll have a trainer with a powermeter.

    You can learn the basics on power from one of their videos­5jY

    Read about starting with a base phase here..­e-phase

  • Done.

    So much better.

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Zwift indoor virtual reality trainer

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