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  • That looks cool, but i'd be surprised if kids of the age suitable for balance bikes would be old enough to understand the assembly stuff - a thought backed up by the fact the video shows all the customisation being done by an adult.

    Also, comic sans.

  • Mmmm, I'm not sure, I had something similar to that toolbox when I was a kid and I could build stuff, or so I've been told at least. I think a kid properly stimulated can learn how to do so, screws and bolts are big enough for a kid to deal with them I suppose. But you can be right as well, every single kid is a world apart

  • As being both the designer and founder of Blinkenbike I can assure you, that kids most definitely can do the assembly. The bike has been testet by several kids in a period of 6 months. All prototypes has been altered and/or modified 4-6 times in order to assure that the products are suited for kids motor skills.
    Some of the parts is quite a challenge for a 2 yo kid (the mudguards). Another challenge is, that the product should maintain interest in a period of time where kids develop very fast - Testing with 4 and 5 yo kids has shown, that it is definitely the case.
    But I can also assure you, that it is extremely difficult to capture the right moments for motion picture - I find that part much more challenging at a low budget ;-)

    Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

  • Looks a great idea - I heard from a few folk when my lad was tiny that pedalling is easy once you have balance, and stabilisers teach the former not the latter so are best avoided. So he had an EasyRider that he loved (and made me practice my sprinting skills).
    Love the assembly idea. Anything that helps kids understand how things work/go together is great as so much is a black box (literally)

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