• The 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships take place at the Lee Valley VeloPark from Wednesday 2 to Sunday 6 March 2016.

    The event will see Great Britain’s track stars return to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park venue to compete for the much-coveted gold medals and the chance to head to the Rio Olympic Games as the best in the world.

    Volunteers will be needed during the event set-up, competition days and breakdown in various roles from Tuesday 23 February until Monday 7 March 2016. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or above.

    The information is here:

    The volunteer application form is here:

  • 200 Volunteers? Why can't they pay them? No doubt the haut monde of the cycling world will be sipping champagne in the centre of track.

  • Registered.

    No doubt someone will be screwing a buck out of my altruism, but I've never finished similar gigs feeling short-changed: pay-back comes in the most unexpected forms...

  • Must admit this was my first reaction too.

    Might still register though. I think I'd look good in a black dress carrying a cushion.

  • did a week at the mountain bike Olympics,,,,,, still having ferapy

  • applied.

  • £5 daily contribution towards travel? Pffft. Out.

  • Has anyone heard back about this?

    I've been offered volunteer shifts for every morning - when there are no finals whatsoever. While happy to have been offered something, it's crap that I would miss all the proper action later every day. Unless I want to volunteer in the morning and buy tickets for the later sessions. Which I don't.

  • Yeah, I got turned-down... :(

  • Just hang about. I volunteered for the TdF in Cambridge, fulfilled my bit then used my uniform for some AAA fun. Good it was. I just walked about all confident, smiling at the security staff, they didn't blink an eye.

  • i'm on the reserve list, got an email about two weeks ago. i told a friend at work and she got a place in the VIP hospitality area and was told about it another week before that. I think there will be loads of drop outs so I'm quietly confident

  • Volunteering ftw..
    I'm trackside every evening Wednesday to Sunday,
    Suppose to be riding with VCL this weekend, alas sprog is sick.

    2012 Gamesmaker for Olympic Road Races, Time Trials, had to quit MTB when we were called in for Opening Ceremony shenanigans.. Can't believe its four years since the venue test events.

  • My god you're right @almac68! Doesn't seem so long ago we we're futzing about in the half built stadium eating weird sandwiches and listening to inspirational speeches from Bob Haro.

  • @youramericanlover
    Ha a lot of rehearsals at 1:1 venue and at the stadium.. never got to keep our outfits or see film footage of our wickedness spinning out our routine.

    Still, it was a epic times among friends

  • what are the evening volunteer times?

    i was on the back up but have been offered 8 mornings with the events team but as they finish at 2 i can't quite get away with using half days for them, and using up that many days annual leave is a bit much i think. Going to be cheeky and ask if there are evening slots

  • Sounds like “slavery” - £5 a day is a joke.

  • @Brameses my shifts are:-
    Wednesday 02-March 18:00 - 22:30
    Thursday 03-March 18:00 - 22:30
    Friday 04-March 18:00 - 22:30
    Saturday 05-March 18:00 - 23:20
    Sunday 06-March 13:00 - 19:30

    I'm not doing it for the money, I earn +£70K per year. I volunteer because I love the sport.
    doesn't matter if this was the Olympics Road Race/Time Trials/MTB, UCI Worlds, Muddy Hell, VCL cross meet, Urban Hill Climb, London Marathon and around 100 theatre productions. None of which I ever got paid for.

    I've completed NYC, London and Jungfrau Marathons and know that none of these events would be possible without the countless number of volunteers supporting us. It's also good to give something back, to the competitors, fans and organisers.

  • Collected my uniform and accreditation pass today. The venue is buzzing also a lot of riders taking a spin out on the roads around Stratford.

  • Just resurrecting to ask...

    Those of you who volunteered at this or any big cycling events, is it worth it? Good things, bad things?

    I'm thinking of volunteering at the Worlds in Yorkshire in September.

    (Edit - I did the Commonwealth Games in Mcr 2002. But that was paid. And I was young. And there was Tracey. That was great.)

  • Volunteering to provide free labour for a for-profit event. Fuck that.

  • I volunteered to Marshall at The Open at St Andrews in 2005. I paid to fly to Edinburgh and for accommodation in St Andrews. One of my best weekends ever. So close to the action and at the heart of a major international event I could not hope to compete in.

  • I volunteered at the commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014. I had to arrange my own travel and accommodation. When I was there I met lots of people who were ‘career volunteers’; they had been to previous commonwealth games and the olympics, and not just in the U.K., they’d been to Sydney, Beijing, Delhi and were talking about going to Rio. I’m sure it’s the same in cycling. In fact, as a spectator, I’ve seen the same volunteers at Lea Valley Velodrome as by the side of the road at the Tour of Britain. They’ll be in Yorkshire too, I’m sure.

    For me, it was nice to be part of the action but once was enough.

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Volunteers needed for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in London

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