EHBPC 2015 * Zaragoza * 14th - 20th September?

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  • Any UK teams likely to make day 3?

  • All out I think, just Luca left.

  • Has there ever been a time the UK didn't have a full team get into Euros finals day ??

  • Really all uk teams out already? No way...that's tough! Think uk has always managed to have at least 1 team finish in top 6 (or higher) every year, but I might be wrong.

    Did this years uk bench league perhaps have an effect on developing solid 3 player teams?

  • I think the fact that only 4 teams went and 50% of those play in Manchester didn't help. Lack of strength in depth or something footbally.

  • No individuals (apart from @SuperLuca) who have got anywhere near the top 6 before playing either, it's a big step from mid level UK team to top level euro team. Sounds like those who made it are having a good time though, so I'm still jealous and bitter while sat at home.

  • Good find, cheers.

  • Octopussy to win.

  • Shit Fin that sucks. Good to see some change at the top, but still reckon CMD will make it to the final. Sad not to be there, will have to compensate with frequent podium checking

  • CMD in losers bracket.

  • And will be up against Bambule if they beat Bisons, excitement right from the start.
    Really impressed cool story bro got seeded 2nd too.

  • Megadrive bossing it. After playing the wildcard they're now in the winners bracket final.

  • Was just thinking that! Megadrive keep it up!!! Looks like CMD will have a hard couple of games ahead. Birds down there with them now too.

  • Mohawks out! If CMD beat CSB then they will have to take the birds.

  • CMD CSB are on now, Arthur's hopefully keeping me updated.

  • Octopussy are gonna be so fresh it would be really hard for someone coming from the losers bracket to beat them. The bracket was harsh to some teams as it can be!

  • Action shot.

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  • Fuck, I wish I was there.

  • you'd be passed out asleep by now and we'd be drawing on

  • then the uk would be making up songs cos that's the fun part!

  • But I'd be passed out asleep over there.

  • Rather than sat alone with a beer listening to the Reading game and hoping for messenger and podium updates.

  • CMD winning 3-1 at about the halfway point.

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EHBPC 2015 * Zaragoza * 14th - 20th September?

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