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  • Hiya, I thought I'd drop you all a message as I've hit a bit of "down time".

    I was cycling back home from Crate Brewery, East London along Hackney Road with my friend Chris on 10th June. As we approached the junction of Shoreditch High Street and Old Street, a car from behind accelerated past me and turned into me and my bike. I hit the ground and lost contiousness. Emergency services were called and the driver who had hit me stopped. My right collar bone has been broken, my right hearing has been damaged, my skull is broken, and my brain has some luckily minimal damage, but it had been bleeding for several days. It's going to take a little while for me to get back up to a normal sense of life, but I feel fortunate.

    I've been out of Hospital now for 3 days. I'm starting to try to get myself up to some form of normality. I've got a few appointments to attend various doctors. There were fortunately several witnesses that saw the crazy driver's actions, so a claim will be made against this dangerous persons actions.

    Whilst I was in hospital, I amazingly recognised the two guys who helped me off the road. They have invited Me & Chris to go in and meet them at their Air Rescue helicopter, which I'm looking forward to immensly. They are truly an amazing pair of guys, who help people in desperate states every day. Not everybody survives.

    So there you go, I've had a tough couple of weeks. Just thought I'd let you know, and wish all the best for you lot. Have great races this weekend, and loads of fun ... I'll be back as soon as I'm fit to ride.

  • Heal up fast Phil. If you need anything, give us a shout.


  • Ah man... I hope you a speedy recovery and let us know when you feel like having visitors or need anything?

    Ps. These guys seem good for any sort of claims against idiot drivers etc. http://www.leighday.co.uk/

  • Oh this is so unexpected Phil! Hope you heal up fast without any complications. Rest rest rest and keep us updated. x

  • yikes, glad you're still in one-ish piece. Heal up fast!

  • Jeez Phil!
    Take it easy and GWS.

  • That's terrible man! Heal up soon.

    I was wondering where you'd been lately.

    Ask if you need anything from us.

  • Heal up fast and see the solicitors we like thread. Also @ojeffcott may well be able to help.

  • Sorry to hear this! Get well soon!

  • HealTFU

  • Hope you heal up fast Phil. Get lots of rest and will look forward to seeing you again when you're better!

  • Fuck man, hope you get better quick.

    Had the same thing happen recently (just nowhere near as bad), concussion, short term memory loss ect. best advice I can give is to take it easy and rest up.

    Dont push yourself too much

    Hope to see you soon!

  • I think I'm going to use Leigh Day to make a claim. Going to talk to them on Friday hopefully.

    You guys & girls are all truly awesome. Hopefully, I'll be back in action in a few weeks time. Have a great race and picnic day on Saturday!!

    If any of you fancy dropping in any time, just message me. You'll be most welcome.

  • +1 for Leigh Day.. Currently dealing with an accident I was involved in last october. Taking forever though to get certain documents from the hospital

  • Ah man, sucks to hear this Phil - wish you a speedy recovery. All the best mate



  • :( get well soon!

  • Were you wearing a helmet? I just wanted to know if the head injury was done despite protection.

    I hope you’ve recovered quick and back on the bike 👍

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SPFG Rider Out Of Action

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