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  • This should be of importance to anyone that rides in Regents Park...

    With the upcoming introduction of the cycling super-highway (CS11)
    through Regent's Park, various groups and organizations have taken the
    opportunity to think about how Regent's Park is used.

    Various CS11 proposals are being looked at in Regent's Park. Closing
    some or all of the gates to motor traffic during peak times is being
    considered, which likely make cycling in the park a much safer

    Additionally however, proposals for multiple speed humps and or a
    20mph limit for motorcyclists and cycles could negatively impact the
    ability to exercise on a bike around the outer circle.

    It would impact thousands of road cyclists who use a unique area of
    London to cycle and train safely.

    An action group is being formed from various clubs and cycling bodies
    to try to mitigate the risk of this happening. If you would like to be
    involved, please join the page on Facebook.


  • A working link to the Facebook group can be found here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/87004661­6384186/

    It would be great to keep Regent's Park as a viable option for riding/training in central London and I know a lot of forum guys use Regent's Park for training (the old Hour of Power Thursday rides for example), commuting, leisure etc. Please take a look and feel free to join/get involved with the group.

  • Thanks - not sure why the original link wasn't working.

  • New Facebook link for the discussion...


    EDIT - I cannot get the link function to work on this forum - when I link it send me to a LFGSS 'Not Found' page. If anyone would be so kind as to make the link work it would be greatly appreciated.

  • My original link still works, even though the group name has changed (the group ID is the same).

    Links and lists on this forum can >>>>>>>>>>

  • The reason its not working is you've cut off the start of the link. Not sure how T_P has made it work, but if you don't include "http://", a website will amuse that the link is on the current site (hence it linking to http://www.lfgss.com/facebook .... )

  • I tried that originally and it still went to the Not Found page so I removed the link altogether.

  • No idea then, sorry

  • "facebook.com/groups/regentsparkcycling/­" contains a dodgy "soft-hyphen" character (0xAD) between the p and a characters.

    You'll see the page it goes to has a %C2%AD in the URL. No idea what's causing that though...

    Seems that Microcosm is corrupting it somehow.

  • Link worked for me, have requested to join, it will suck if they put speed bumps in the park, it's one of the only places you can train anywhere near central London and a massive asset for the cycling community, I would hope some of the big boys get on board with this otherwise it probably will get pushed through..

  • Would be great to have a congestion charge or a flat fee to keep cars from driving through the park and create at least one place in London, where people can train safely on road.

  • I thought about this but it might be impractical to enforce a congestion charge on such a relatively small stretch of road. Also the locals are against more signs and speed cameras from an aesthetic perspective.

  • where people can train safely on road

    Hah, have you seen the thirty strong groups from a club whos name I won't mention?

    Train at RP all you like, but not at the expense of people on bikes just trying to get places.

  • Does that club has an epic video about them? If so, think I know who you're talking about. Normally I'd ride clockwise to avoid people like that. Yesterday saw a cyclist on the floor, and a cab across the road with a smiling driver standing next to it. The other week a 7 seater pulled out right in front of me from Avenue Rd and then was shouting at me, that he had a right of way. Need to watch out for pedestrians and runners too. Don't really know any other similar place in zone 1/2 where you can keep the pace up and relatively stop not too often.

  • Can you name names? Its just I cycle there all the time - both commuting and after work laps and can't say I've ever had a problem with an organised club going round the park.
    Pretorius do laps after work and are very well behaved, Islington do early laps on a Saturday morning and again, always well behaved, RPR - up so early and so few of them I doubt anyone on a commute gets bothered by them.
    If there is a club that need to improve they should be named, I'm sure someone on here would be affiliated and could have a quiet word..

  • Define well behaved. I might just be particularly sensitive to a group of thirty mamils in a messy chain gang close passing me at the entrance to a junction.

  • I'm not saying there aren't messy chain gangs, quite the opposite there are lots especially in the summer when loads of people are out, I've just always found that the organised groups are more structured, passing instructions down the line etc, if it was an organised group I'm sure they's take note and raise it with the members that's all..

  • The original question is an interesting one, I'm generally quite pro segregation, but for those who train around RP it could be a nightmare. The problem as I see it is we don't quite know what roads are for in this country... Free for alls, goods transport, people transport, leisure activities...

    Or maybe rather we are just very shy of defining particular roads for particular purposes and so we end up with bodge jobs such as the Old Street and Archway plans and comprises the like Hackney Council are so keen on.

  • Regents is owned by the Royal Parks, in that respect it's purpose can justifiably be said to differ from a "normal road". A quick look at the royal parks website says it includes the largest outdoor sports area in central London, if they include the outer ring in that definition then I would hope they would be open to maintaining the unique sporting facility that the outer ring provides.

  • I suspect that's fantasy though, cyclists will be considered to be an inconvenience.

  • True - however it is still at the consultation phase and nothing has been decided.
    Having a deeper look at the facebook page - it mentions the idea of a car free zone, which is being promoted by http://www.trafficfreeregentspark.org.uk­/
    This website is run by Outer Circle Action Group (OCAG) which in turn is affiliated to:
    Camden Cycling Campaign, Camden Friends of the Earth, Canal and River Trust, Westminster Cycling Campaign, Westminster Living Streets

    Having a quick look at their proposal they are suggesting either gates at entrances to the outer circle, or having obstacles in the lanes to slow all traffic and restrict cars.
    Additional road obstacles would be an issue with cyclists so although I am sure many of us are happy to support the removal of cars, we need to be careful in making sure that we are not fixing one issue and creating another...

  • Train at RP all you like, but not at the expense of people on bikes just trying to get places.

    Sigh!...there is always one moaner...

    I train there all the time 30,40, 50 milers around the outer, cyclists pass me i pass cyclists never a problem. I respect the pootlers and the hardcore respect me, we are cylists that's how we roll.
    My main two causes of anxiety however are the fucking useless twat mini-cab drivers that just seem to plague London generally these days and getting car-doored or u-turned upon by the muslims down at the bottom where the stretch pics up speed.

  • Uhm, yeah, right. Nice one.

  • You are right - there are concerns that the removal of some cars (as through traffic) would speed up the remaining traffic. Hence the speed humps/raised platform plans at 14 different locations around the outer circle.

  • I think if they ban cars they'll be (even if unspoken) assuming that "fast" cyclists are also banned. Wandering around on a Boris bike at 4mph yes, 20mph chaingang not so much.

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CS11 Plans - Regents Park

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