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  • Yes, Surlys have become very expensive these days. They are quality framesets if a bit on the portly side. But ultimately, 4130 is only a basic grade steel.

  • Waiting for my rack to turn up but here's my new 700c Bridge Club. 29x2.2 Sim Works Big Yummy's, Sim Works Stealth Fun Bars and Sim Works Bubbly Pedals. Otherwise it's stock. Fortunate enough (in this case) to be in the U.S., which means Surly's are still cheap as chips. Stock build equates to 846GBP as of yesterday.

    Have a Wald 137 waiting for me and need to figure out what basket bag I'm gonna get, but super stoked for this bike. There's a huge trail network in Los Angeles in the foothills and mountains that I've wanted to hit up since moving here, but have not done so due to safety concerns surrounding COVID and the potential need for emergency services.

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  • this is what we like to see!!

    for bag, realm dark label looks really nice, that's what i'd go for stateside

  • Yeah, I do like 'em but they're sold out pretty much everywhere at the moment and I am impatient. I am really struggling to decide. There are just too many options.

  • alright spattr

  • Also drinking the Bridge Club kool aid. Two rides in and a big ol’ yep. Good fun unfussy bike.

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  • looks really cool B)

  • Cool! @jaeyukdapbap

    @Maj - your wish is my command. Golden Saddle had a few left.

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  • ayyy!

  • cosmic

    Is this the picture association game thread?

  • Anyone get a bigger tyre then a 2.0 in the pre-2020 Disc Truckers?

  • Haven't had that much fun on a bike in a long old time. Rode to the top of and traversed the Verdugo Mountains. Wild range that just sticks out of the ground in the middle of the city. Very steep though the whole way up and down.

    Enjoyed flat pedals a lot. And absolutely needed the 51t cassette with the weight of this bike combined with a steady 10+ % gradient for 4.5 or so kilometres. Definitely didn't need the bag full of stuff but ya know - #aesthetic

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  • this looks mega, bougie hybrids B))

  • bougie hybrids

    New thread title for like 1000 of the threads here

  • Got Ergon GP3 grips to turn it into even more of a hybrid. They were very necessary though - the Wolf Tooth grips I bought were awful for my relatively small hands. Can't quite believe how much of a difference these grips have made.

    A few detail shots. Super super enjoying this bike. Making me use my car less already and enjoying it very much.

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  • lovely. Where is that sticker from on the TT?

  • Cool bike!

  • thanks!

  • Yes, this. The Cub House is my local bike shop and where I purchased the Surly and most of the parts from. Genuinely #blessed to have such a cool bikeshop less than a mile away.

  • very jealous, If it wasn't for postage and import duty I'd own every bit Team Dream kit I think. Endo custom make so great stuff.

  • would buy one of those top caps.

  • Making me use my car less already

    dont you work from home?

  • This is LA, you drive in order to work from home.

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Surly Bike Owners

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