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  • How about a BLB Hitchhiker? It even has forward facing dropouts to adjust chain tension with an internal gear hub.

  • Just built up this dude. It’s a for sale project.

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  • How's the toe overlap?

  • They work very well in fixed mode.

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  • Thanks for pointing me onto that. Will add it to the list. Currently the 2021 Bombtrack arise is looking like a good replacement. I'd get the QR rear slider dropout.

  • I've honestly never had an issue with it. But that size frame would use a 650b wheel now.

  • Did post this in the Steamroller owners, but so chuffed with how this has turned out, from a cheap eBay originally ‘root beer’ colour find to this (replaced all but the frame, LHT forks for rack options in the future) so comfy like being in an armchair

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  • Spent too long fitting these mudguards yesterday, still not perfect. Toying with the idea of making a frame bag over Christmas. Will nudge the hoods down when I re-wrap bars in spring. It’s a midnight special and I love it.

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  • I missed out on getting an MS frame last month (only completes available) so now waiting til march or april next year to get one. Looks very tidy, very trad vibe even with the carbon fork.

  • Sneaky bootleg King

  • Next upgrade, just can’t decide which colour so threw the ‘funky’ one on as the interim.. but now kinda like it

  • Thanks for bringing Kasy bags to my attention! I ordered when they had a Black Friday promo (saving was negated by 18€ euro shipping), it turned up today and it’s great!

    Incredible build quality, little organiser pockets on one side, larger pocket to other. Arguably more interesting than a Restrap or similar.

    Also apologies all- not a surly!

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  • Impulse bought a Pack Rat frameset because qbp is getting rid of the poor discontinued line. Built it up with some 90s mtb inspiration.

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  • Great stuff. How are you enjoying it? There do still seem to be some about in smaller sizes.

    I really like mine:

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  • Love the color coordination. Great build!

    I think it's honestly a great bike. Horizontal drop outs for easy SS, short top tube make it good for either drop bars or risers w/long stem. Common seatpost, common headset, common everything. It's possible one of the best all-rounder bikes.
    My only real qualms with it are tire clearance. I guess at least one of my bikes has to be sensible.

  • Bikes still looking good. How are you getting on with the Cava tyres? Just ordered some in 700x42 jff flavour.

  • Yeah, it’s very straightforward. Is yours 26inch? I had assumed the smaller sizes had a bit more clearance as I’ve seen people go with big tyres on them but perhaps not. I’m sort of the opposite and can’t see myself going bigger than 48mm for now.

  • They’ve been great. I did have a rose on the front but it didn’t work with the guards.

    They seem very tacky and have been completely trouble free set up tubeless. I get the impression that these ‘race’ versions could be a total pain with tubes as they are pretty thin.

  • Excellent, will give em a go with tubes to start with, see how they go, can always go tubeless if they prove a bit delicate.

  • Anyone ever fitted 700x45c tires on a straggler? Recommended clearance is 42c but wondering if I can push it at all...

  • Ran 45 on a cross check fine.

  • This is good news. If I ever wear my current tyres out going to try and push to this for the fun of it.

  • full build shots please??

  • this is nice! whats the crankset?

    EDIT: Just saw they are WI retro cranks.

    The rings are lovely, what are they? :)

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Surly Bike Owners

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