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  • Couple of pics of my Surly Krampus frameset purchased March last year: certainly it isn't the livelier frame I have ridden but good enough for its intended use. First pic in current setup for winter one-day rides with riser bars, second pic full bike-packing mode with Jones Loops handlebar. So far happy with it and looking forward to do more trips next year.

    Surly2 - 1

    Surly1 - 1

  • What's the smallest tyre I could run in a Krampus for winter grocery hauling/errands? Seen 29x2.4 on a fair few bikes. Would 29x2.0 be pushing it?

  • First throw together, awaiting new rims / 2.8” tyres, bar / stem.

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  • You could run 25c if you want? Might look silly but who cares

    (Unless you mean in the stock rims then I have no idea)

  • Your right, wasn't thinking straight. Krampus bb is a lot higher than I thought.

  • Surly news; Pack Rat, LHT, Troll and Pugsley discontinued.­stcard_from_a_virtual_surlyville

  • This makes my Troll a collector’s item now? I look forward to being rich in a few years time. Finally.

  • discontinued

    This is because I tried to buy one.

    collectors item?

    Unsuccessful, “misunderstood” freeek bikes.

    Future classics.

  • So if the LHT's gone, are there still any mass-produced rim-brake tourers around? I mean you'll still be able to get them from niche players like Spa Cycles, but with the Dawes Galaxy gone, who else is left? Ridgeback maybe?

  • The Koga Traveller is still available in rim brake option, and that's certainly more common globally than a Dawes or a Ridgeback.

  • But flat bar only? I suppose drop-bar tourers are a UK (and to a lesser extent US) thing.

  • Yeah true. And yes you don't really see loaded tourers with drops on the continent or in Asia.

  • What is the benefit, disc is so cheap now and super reliable.

  • Nothing pulls to mind from The major brands!

    A shame really, not that I like rim brakes myself!

  • I hear you on that. I've been toying with the idea of going to a drop bar but every time I ride mine I remember how much I love the feeling of the current setup.

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  • Is that the 'official' Surly Revelate Mtn Frame Bag? Good fit?

  • Nope. That's a Finna Landscape frame bag customised with some Surly patches. It fits very well, indeed, but quality is relatively poor; after less than one year the fabric is starting to rip at the top from pulling zipper with the bag slightly over-stuffed. Fortunately I purchased it quite cheap but would not recommend, even less at RRP.

    Looking now for a replacement. I haven't found so far any good quality, off the peg framebags with a close fit for the Krampus so most probably will go custom and order this model from Kasy Bags with upper roll top closure.

  • Kasy Bags look great - are you ordering from within Ukraine or have you had successful international deliveries before? Might get one for my XL Krampus as well.

  • So i was in an accident and have damaged my Disc Trucker frame and fork.

    Annoyingly the new 2021 frame is only available in TA and flat mount brake variant, so none of my parts that survived are interchangable.

    Any suggestions here on a steel frame+fork combo that would be suitable for PM brakes and 700c Alfine wheels? Heavy Duty tourer.

  • Spoke to Bob at Spa today, sadly nothing in 700c 56cm.

  • Damn!

    I have 26” 56cm selling...

  • Who is riding Cross Check fixed?
    Just bought a frame on here and planning some sort of fat tyre fixed off road something something.

  • Switching between fixed and SS on mine at the moment. It’s my dry nice day bike. Love it.

    Edit: can’t find a decent picture of it! And if someone wants to sell me a 80 or 90 mm ritchey classic stem please shout.

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Surly Bike Owners

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