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  • Couple of pics of my Surly Krampus frameset purchased March last year: certainly it isn't the livelier frame I have ridden but good enough for its intended use. First pic in current setup for winter one-day rides with riser bars, second pic full bike-packing mode with Jones Loops handlebar. So far happy with it and looking forward to do more trips next year.

    Surly2 - 1

    Surly1 - 1

  • What's the smallest tyre I could run in a Krampus for winter grocery hauling/errands? Seen 29x2.4 on a fair few bikes. Would 29x2.0 be pushing it?

  • First throw together, awaiting new rims / 2.8” tyres, bar / stem.

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  • You could run 25c if you want? Might look silly but who cares

    (Unless you mean in the stock rims then I have no idea)

  • Your right, wasn't thinking straight. Krampus bb is a lot higher than I thought.

  • Surly news; Pack Rat, LHT, Troll and Pugsley discontinued.­stcard_from_a_virtual_surlyville

  • This makes my Troll a collector’s item now? I look forward to being rich in a few years time. Finally.

  • discontinued

    This is because I tried to buy one.

    collectors item?

    Unsuccessful, “misunderstood” freeek bikes.

    Future classics.

  • So if the LHT's gone, are there still any mass-produced rim-brake tourers around? I mean you'll still be able to get them from niche players like Spa Cycles, but with the Dawes Galaxy gone, who else is left? Ridgeback maybe?

  • The Koga Traveller is still available in rim brake option, and that's certainly more common globally than a Dawes or a Ridgeback.

  • But flat bar only? I suppose drop-bar tourers are a UK (and to a lesser extent US) thing.

  • Yeah true. And yes you don't really see loaded tourers with drops on the continent or in Asia.

  • What is the benefit, disc is so cheap now and super reliable.

  • Nothing pulls to mind from The major brands!

    A shame really, not that I like rim brakes myself!

  • I hear you on that. I've been toying with the idea of going to a drop bar but every time I ride mine I remember how much I love the feeling of the current setup.

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  • Is that the 'official' Surly Revelate Mtn Frame Bag? Good fit?

  • Nope. That's a Finna Landscape frame bag customised with some Surly patches. It fits very well, indeed, but quality is relatively poor; after less than one year the fabric is starting to rip at the top from pulling zipper with the bag slightly over-stuffed. Fortunately I purchased it quite cheap but would not recommend, even less at RRP.

    Looking now for a replacement. I haven't found so far any good quality, off the peg framebags with a close fit for the Krampus so most probably will go custom and order this model from Kasy Bags with upper roll top closure.

  • Kasy Bags look great - are you ordering from within Ukraine or have you had successful international deliveries before? Might get one for my XL Krampus as well.

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Surly Bike Owners

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