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  • Ha yep, pretty much. I'll convert to do-it-all commuter/shopper/baby-carrier and it gives me an excuse to buy another 'proper' winter bike in a year or so!

  • Serious question, what's wrong with the MS geometry?

    It's at least a bit different from the rest.. seems like it would be a blast to ride?

    I haven't ridden one but I'm pretty sure I want one. Reason being the alternatives seem to be either more relaxed or have longer wheelbases. If I wanted something racy feeling which I can have fun underbiking off road or on #nogravel whilst still taking on road, what would be a better choice?

  • I'been wanting to change the original fork on my Straggler for quite some time now, finally went and fitted a CAADX full carbon fork (the replacement ones issued this year). It is a complete different bike in terms of offroad performance, very happy with it.

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  • Strong words on an Owners Forum. Why waste your time? Just view/read/comment on things you like.

    Surly tick many boxes for many people.

  • Do you want me to buy a surly and then slag it off? Because i will.

    “Joking” aside, genesis can do same things but are cheaper.

  • Has anyone here replaced a Crosscheck fork for something with more offset?

    I've seen it discussed on other forums, but never seems to be followed up with details after the fact.

    I'd like to avoid some of the toe overlap and have it feel a bit less twitchy.

    Suggestions for a suitable fork also welcome - there are a couple of Thorn options, but I'm not sure +10mm offset over the CC fork will make enough difference. Other option is Soma Champs Elysee fork which is horribly expensive and horribly chrome.

  • Adding more off-set will make it more twitchy, as you are decreasing the trail.

  • @smartlew shorter cranks?

  • Anyone got a rabbit hole wheel set they want to sell me? Or tell me it's awful so I stop pursuing it? Just built a Krampus up with an ECr fork and its fun but a bit bumpy after riding front shocks..

  • I've just picked up a cheap Cross Check frame to build into a commuter/run about and am hoping for some advice on the build I'm thinking of.

    Seat post - Ritchey comp
    Headset - Cane Creek 40
    Handlebars - possibly Nitto Allrounder, but more likely the Cowbells I've got in the shed
    Brakes - Shimano BR CX50
    Shifters - Gevenalle CX 9 speed compatible
    Crankset - Race Face Ride 1x 175mm 34t
    Cassette - Ztto 11-40 9 speed
    Rear derailleur - Shimano Deore 9 speed long cage
    Bottom bracket - Shimano XT MT800

    Obviously other stuff, but those are the bits I'm not sure about compatible.

    Anyone done something similar? Anything glaringly incompatible?

    Second Surly. Definitely got a bit of a problem.

  • Sorry not for sale but love the ride/feel/looks of my Rabbit Holes so much love have 2 fronts- one regular and one with a dynamo hub. Even a 2.5 in tyre looks great!

  • Did you get them built for your? I've found a font one but struggling to find anything over 30mm width for the back with 135 spacing.

  • Hey all

    I had my Krampus stolen the other night. I’m more than upset but I’m just trying to put it behind me.

    You know......chalk it up to 2020, which has been such a great year for everyone.

    Anyway, if anyone owns a Bridge Club 27.5 in either a medium or large.......would you allow me a test ride? I think I’m gonna go with a BC but I’m just not 100% on which size

    Thanks Surly people :)

  • I'm converting my straggler to a flat bar set up ... problem is I know nothing about flat bars. Does anyone have any bar setups they really love?

  • I can sell you some MT-400s cheap (full setup minus rotors).

  • shit hot brakes.

  • how much? do you post? do you have any handlebars and/or seatposts (layback)

  • i may have some bits, for brakes, £35 plus Hermes postage? You'd have to wait a bit though as I need to sort the replacement brakes for it, after pay day

  • what sort of time frame are you thinking?

  • Just built a Corona brainfart Midnight Special Yeti Ripp-Off...

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  • Absolutely wonderful! Did you paint yourself?

  • That’s outstanding! Love it

  • No - was lucky to finder a powdercoater who did a great job. The original ProFro has a fluoro yellow fork - but then i had to buy 5 kg powder. Luckily they had some rims painted in this sparkling purple - that matched perfectly the anodized parts. And they powdered the cages and stem too.

  • Glorious! Between this and some of the Yeti inspired turquoise/yellow painted Surlys I've seen through Bluelug, it's giving me ideas for future paint for mine.

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Surly Bike Owners

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