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  • Must resit.

    Repeats: 'rim brakes are dead, rim brakes are dead'

  • Only someone with grand delusions will buy a new bike with rim brakes in 2020

  • That's great. They usually seem to be built up as odd-shaped, confused rando jumbles, but that works.

  • That’s me! I’m waiting for a good price on a 54cm grey frameset.

    I’m planning to build it up next summer using bits from my Concorde 650b, dt shifter 2x10 oddity (which has been really great - my most-ridden bike). It’ll be an audax and general night-ride and wetbeik.

    I don’t have anything against disc brakes but I can’t be bothered buying new wheels and tools and I’ll take the kilo weight saving and easy wheel rebuilding of rimjobs over ‘epic modulation’ right now.

  • I disagree, there's still a place for rim brakes, but it's on a bike that never leaves the road!

    Edit: might get one actually.

  • That's the answer I was hoping for, that looks exactly what I'm looking for. What size is it, how tall are you and how big are the tyres

  • That one is not mine I am afraid, but apparently that is a 2.4 front and 2.3 rear. Reminds me of an Elephant NFE.

    Mine has 48mm tires on. I am 181cm and it’s a 56 which is what I’d ride in a steamroller, CC or anything else really. I have now sorted the front rack so it’s level and have a bigger bag on the front!

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  • Which brakes are you running?

    It looks incredible - nice build!

  • Cheers! Paul Neo Retros. They’ve been great so far.

  • what are the odds of you buying a canti frame? 15/1 ?

  • Almost bought a Pack Rat, chickened out and went for a parts-bin Midnight Special build. Half finished but went out anyway, rides nice enough so far.

    Still got rim brakes on the Pacer. Got road fixed/fixed road plans for that.

  • Depends how much I get snag one for!

  • That looks great. Love those meaty guards!

    I was similarly on the fence, just went the other way in the end. I feel like, for most people’s use, the MS and Pack Rat have largely superseded the Straggler and CC. The geometries just seem to work a bit better.

  • You ride a 56? Ison have an ex-demo Pack Rat going for what it would have cost had it been around 10 years ago...­h/demo-bikes.php

  • Very nice. Frame pumps FTW.

    Gearing looks heroic.

  • Anyone got a spare set of steamroller forks? I bought and sold some on here but have still have a niggling idea for a project...
    Cheers in advance!

  • Chapeau for building my dream bike.

  • Heh! It's 46-14x28. Fine on flats and towpaths. Will dig out an inner ring for the full rando 46/30 2x6 setup.

  • 46/30

    The thinking person’s hero.

  • I've not posted here for a while. My Straggler still keeps making me smile and has been getting a decent amount of use this summer.

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  • My Steamroller

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  • Question for any straggler owners: how do you find the sizing?

  • long and low, like the crosscheck

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Surly Bike Owners

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