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  • Lovely trucker!

  • If you're patient (and lucky?) how about a 1x1?

    Ticks the fg/ss, disc tabs, fits >2-inch tyres... I run mine fixed with a front disc and mudguards and love it.

  • In some positions in the dropout it's a bit tight at the chainstay if you're somewhere muddy but for most riding it was workable. Wouldn't be too hard to extend the dimples and have reasonable clearance.

  • I've gone the fairly ridiculous route of having a cross-check, getting canti mounts chopped,then having disc mounts added. First build was single-speed (29x2" race king tyres) and now its built up with gears (27.5x2" race king tyres).
    Andy is spot on, no extra clearance was won at the back by going down to 650b but maybe I lost some weight or something.
    Pics in here from about pg 12­90/

  • Curious how much did the conversion cost?

  • Not my surly, but fitted some Truck Stop bars in 48cm to my drop bar bike!

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  • Thanks and yes, the tyres are G-One allrounds. Measured width is ~39 mm, I think the rim width is 15-17 mm.

  • I don't remember exactly, it was reasonable but the builder said he'd be loathe to do it again

  • any thoughts on who would to get in touch with about adding disc tabs to a frame in london? sort of considering it now.. or at least getting a disc fork and just seeing if i like it.

  • Friend got mid-blades added at Stayer so would assume they’d do it?

    I’m also interested if anyone else has any recommendations

  • Not London, but I got Ben @ Kinetics to do mine for £50 on an old GT frame, just posted it up to Scotland.

  • Two dry sunny days... child very content in the garden = time to tinker

    Wife’s disc trucker really taking shape;

    Wald basket on, going to remount the front light on a “normal” bracket not so far forward.

    Steerer stack - she’s 33 weeks pregnant...

    Rear rack stay needs shortening 1 hole so it’s level, nearly there!

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  • Does anyone have a pack rat fork and can show/tell me where the internal dynamo routing exits from please?

    Wondering if it’s worth the extra 20 quid or so over the LHT (26”)

  • Much prefer the idea of jubilee clips instead of zip ties for front racks, seem a lot more sturdy and you can reuse them if you ever need to take the basket off.

  • Agreed.

    This has no movement, easy to adjust and very unlikely to wear through it from use.

  • I've run zip ties for several years on a bike that is kept outside with no issues.
    I'd be more concerned with the jubilee clips rusting, but I do like the fact that they are reusable!

  • They do make reusable zip ties

  • They are not very good if you cut the ends off so they don't poke around under your basket..

  • Yes, they can be a bit fiddly to undo and do back up again if you cut them too short.

  • Testing the waters to see if there might be interest in my 58cm Disc Trucker.

    It would come in the 1x guise pictured below and with the 650b dynamo wheels. I'd also chuck in the front Tubus Rack and colour matched ortleib panniers and bar bag. Not desperate to sell, its more a case that if someone was looking I could be tempted. DM me for more details if interested.

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  • Pictures of colour matched ortleib stuff

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  • Not necessarily related to Surly but I'm thinking of it for a steamroller so I'll ask here. Would it be possible to make the cantis work with a 700c wheel on a fork designed for 650b wheels?

  • no, the brake surface would be in the wrong place.

  • Long reach calipers maybe?

  • Getting there now...

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Surly Bike Owners

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