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  • Reminds me of my Pelago Stavanger.. Good colour too.
    I am now considering replacing my mtb 2x chainset with a road triple.

  • Fantastic. Any more pictures?

  • Thanks! This is the only other picture I have:

  • Very nice! How does it ride?

  • Velo Orange? I tried fitting some and after a while I realised I was wasting my time. I think you would need to take a trip to the LBS or look for a matching bolt. Basically those mudguards are designed for bikes with a rim brake.

  • Very nice, reminds me of all those Bluelug builds! OK, maybe with less blingbling.

  • Similar, Pelago fenders. I thought that would be the logic, i.e. no need to provide a bolt as the caliper bolt would go through the front eyelet. But presumed similar size bolts must exist. I've yet to get to the shop but makes sense, will give it a go.

  • Like the name suggests. :) It's a very stable and comfy ride.

    Madhias, Thanks!

  • Wonderful! Fellow Trucker here. Are those the G-ONE Allround 40-622? If so... How wide are your rims, and how wide do the tires measure when mounted?

  • anyone out there done a fg/ss surly build with front/back discs?

    I want something to commute on that can have decent size tyres, mud guards, discs and fg. Proabably 650b too.

    Have been rolling a Midnight Special over in my head as quite a nice relatively light weight frame. There are plenty of other options from other brands.

    Any thoughts?

  • @Jimmy_Fingers built a 650b steamroller with a custom disc fork. Not sure if single speed or fixed

  • Yeah I've seen this, and have considered getting a new fork for my steamroller, but I really want back disc breaks so I dont have to run it fixed all the time. I prefer the idea of using a frame that can accomodate gears for possible 1x set up in the future.

  • get disc tabs and a rear derailleur hanger added at the same time? Even with paint, it will work out cheaper than buying most new frames, if you like the steamroller

  • Not sure how that would work on a frame spaced to 120mm.

    I want a new frame anyway, as I find my steamroller too much of a stretch. Need to size down

  • What size is the 'roller? 56 by any chance...

  • Straggler has silly, but fixed/ss-able drop outs.

  • it's a 58cm.

    yeah the straggler is funky - main issue is that 700/650b are not interchangable, it's frame specific. I'd like option to change wheel size. bridge club and midnight special look the best so far - i'd need an ecentric bb but thats ok.

  • You can run 650b in a 700c frame. You don't gain much but it works.

  • I thought that too, this is from Surly's website - Each Straggler frame (650b and 700c) was designed for one wheel size only, so we do not recommend a 700c wheel for use with the 650b frame.

    there's another comment which says the same for a 700c frame with 650b wheels - no idea why this is the case.

  • It'll be to do with the clearance. 650bx48c in 700c frame was a little close in some positions along the drop out. Nothing a bit of dimpling couldn't solve. Will dig out a photo later.

    Don't think they make 650b frames in the larger sizes, if they do the distributor doesn't bring them in.

  • they make the 650b from 38-58cm - but yeah I'm sure you could tweak the stays a little. I'd rather get something off the peg that works. I'll keep thinking!

  • 650b in a 700c frame

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  • Interesting. I always thought the chainstay clearance was too narrow on a 700c Straggler to run 650b x 47s, might need to go wheel shopping.

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Surly Bike Owners

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