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  • correct, mtb / road 11 is different, either use a shiftmate or different shifter.

  • get a microshift thumbie or just search for a mtb drivetrain

  • Thanks for the input. Managed to source a cheap 11sp MTB rd.

  • I would like to swap my: all city macho man rim brake 56.6cm
    For : surly cross check 56/58cm Frameset.

    Anyone got one they’d like to swap possibly sell ?

  • If anyone has a 60 or 64cm Midnight Special and is around 6’3”, could you post a photo of your bike?

    I’m sizing up and don’t want to end up with a crazy steerer stack.

  • crazy steerer stack.

    What does it matter?

  • This guy is 6ft4 and rides a 64cm, plenty of photos if you scroll back a bit

  • Thanks. That’s exactly what I need!

  • Wife’s DT, stole wheels off our tandem, chain, chainrings and mudguards purchased. Will grab a rear rack and rear light soon.

    Have a hope hub ready for it but trying to preserve funds so will build wheels + tyres, rotors, cassette slowly.

    Sadly think she will benefit from the bars a chunk higher as in mine so we will probably get a black fork, maybe have it painted to match, probably not.

    Anyone got a spare dt26 fork with long steerer or fancy a maroon one?

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  • Hello, I am trying to find the correct bolt to fit a front mudguard to my Straggler. The set of guards did not include the bolt that goes through the fork. I think it's an M5 or M6, does anyone happen to know? Also any idea what length would be best?


  • Any Pacer owners managed to fit 45mm mudguards?

    @jontea maybe?

    Edit: Fuck it. I have a hammer and a Dremel. What's the worst that can happen...

  • New fork painted!

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  • Loads of room, yep 45mm guards should go in fine.

  • Mines got 45mm PDW’s on there, 32c paselas underneath. Occasionally need a tinker but seems to work fine & have enough clearance

    I did use sheldons nut on the back of the fork & found mounting rear mudguard whilst half compressing rear brake allowed it to shift up enough to clear the wheel

  • Fork back from paint, need to fit the Nice rack and the Wald basket!

    Wife’s birthday 25/02 so maybe a 7 weeks til baby bike ride..

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  • Nice! Looks obscenely comfortable

  • Hopefully! Ultra functional is the plan

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  • BMX seat angel is on point!

    1. Brooks are more comfy nose up!
    2. Swapping back to cambium until wife has recovered from baby2!
  • I pray to BMX seat Angel every time I install a Brooks saddle.

    Here's my LHT

  • That is probably the most classy LHT I've ever seen.
    Good job!

  • It looks great, well done!

  • Thanks, altought I really can't take too much credit of the build. I bought the bike with a dent in the top tube and a worn out drivetrain, both of which are now fixed.

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Surly Bike Owners

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