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  • Back in the UK and thrown the 1x1 back together. Frame's honestly a bit small, but until I've lost ~10kg I'm not going to bother pissing around finding something else and dealing with all these new "standards". Lean, future me will then stick some moto bars and 26" dirt wizards on and just go thrash it around in the forest.

    Dyno hub has seized up a bit after 3 years in the loft. Only powering 2 of the 4 LEDs. Gravelkings seem to steer a bit weird, but might be the long, high stem and/or knackered front wheel. Seems alright other than that.

  • Dad bike / tourer nearly there.

    Need to sort out a brooks b17, can get one OEM price but want to avoid bum ouch.

    Kiddo loves it

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  • Looking for a price check please - £?

    This wonderful surly has sat in my garage collecting dust and getting nowhere near the love it deserves due to an injury... I'm not entirely sure on price for surly's at the moment so if anyone knows a reasonable figure feel free to let me know! :)

    Any questions just PM me.

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  • Is probably worth more than you would actually sell it for. I’d split it, groupset, frame/fork, rack, wheels etc

  • If you do split, colour me interested in the death-rack please. (dibs)

  • Two Straggler framesets sold on here recently, one for £300 (black, 52cm), and one for (I think) £275 (purple, small ding on the top tube, 54cm).

  • What size is it?

  • There goes the discount

  • Ok too small for me

  • Fresh from the shop. Will I ever need a new bike after this?

    • Straggler 52 650 b
    • Sram Rival 1x11 hydraulic
    • Halo Vapour GX wheelset
    • WTB Byway 47
      -small parts by Cinelli, Deda, Ritchey, Fabric and Lizard Skin

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  • If you do end up splitting i'd be keen on the frame, I'm also Bristol based

  • Have been changing bikes fairly regularly and somehow ended up with LHT Frameset and Pacer, which between them do more less everything I need them to.

    LHT - in summer mode. Now has full VO guards and a Nice Rack

    Just finished building the Pacer, wanted something quicker to get work on, surprised it managed to clear 32c Paselas underneath the PDWs

  • Started tinkering...

    The wife’s mum bike / tourer

    Will be the same spec as my disc trucker and our tandem. 3/9, mt200 hydros, 26x2 duremes, full guards, surly nice and thorn rear rack.

    B17s gifted for Xmas!

    Will be hope pro 2 Evo rear and Jtek dynamo front. May build it with some dirt cheap wheels to get it rolling and they are the most expensive thing along with racks - may nab the surly nice off the tandem and use lowriders on that but it can’t use a back rack so would limit luggage...

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  • Brooks saddle on, proofhide for a week and the first ride was fine.

    Same treatment for the wife when that’s built!

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  • This has been a while in the oven. First ride today.

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  • I've a 1x11 drop bar cantilever cross check and considering converting to a flat bar dad bike. Minimum spend. And still keeping it geared.
    Anyone understand what levers/shifter/derailleur combos work?
    I'm getting confused what levers work with standard pull and fit i spec shifters.

  • Yeah go for it...

  • Assuming you're using shimano deraileurs, just get a band-on shifter like this
    And these levers work with road-pull brakes.

  • Wrong pull ratio on that shifter no? It'd need to be a road shifter for 11 speed. I think there's an Ultegra flat bar shifter

    Cable Pull Derailleur Ratio Calculated Cog Pitch Measured Cog Pitch Percent Difference
    Shimano 6 3.2 1.7 5.44 5.50 1.10
    Shimano 7 2.9 1.7 4.93 5.00 1.41
    Shimano 8 2.8 1.7 4.76 4.80 0.84
    Shimano 9 2.5 1.7 4.25 4.35 2.33
    Shimano 10 Road 2.3 1.7 3.91 3.95 1.02
    Shimano 10 Mountain 3.4 1.2 4.08 3.95 3.24
    Shimano 11 Road 2.7 1.4* 3.69
    Shimano 11 Mountain 3.6 1.1* 3.90
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Surly Bike Owners

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