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  • If we can have a thread dedicated to the On-One Pompino, we can have one for the bicycle company so many people on this board have owned something from at one point or another.

    So let's see them!

    Some of you know mine, but here's a shot from today.
    Tangerine Town-Pounder

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  • Hasn't the 'roller owner thread pretty much become a general Surly thread?

  • Fuck it, unsure if this thread is on or not.

    Monkey magic :)

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  • Thread's got a load of potential..

    My Straggler..

  • And a dirty one, me and Monk bagged DFL at SSUK a few years ago.

    Was a 16mile event (4xlaps=16miles) it was cut to 3laps as the weather was so bad, only 12 miles, piece of piss i thought...... hardest 12 miles ever.

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  • Whoosh...kickstart :) this thread might have some bite init :)

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  • Readers trucker

  • Wizard your trucker is shy..... i see no photo :(

    To make up for it i found some from the First Bespoked Bristol show a few years ago.
    I know Surly sell a fair bikes and frames in the UK but i rarely see them, even at Singlespeed events they are/where pretty niche/rare/thin on the ground.

    Spotted 2 urban 1x1's locked up outside the show.

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  • A close up of the left side 1x1

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  • And a close up of it's back wheel, i guess the axle set up works, looks a bit iffy to me :) i wouldn't

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  • Here's a junky picture of my roller and the cross check. (Also the 93 kilauea hiding at the back)

    The Lebowski sticker makes the roller 100% more rad.

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  • This is just fantastic

  • I did try this once, and got told off­8/#comment11996825
    If maybe we can get the thread going enough it'll be left to run free

  • I have been drinking.
    I feel compelled to post a fatbike in the Steamroller thread :)

    Buuut, i will be sensible which is not very Surlylike, i won't post a fatbike over there.
    Instead i will post a Surly being raced in a downhill mountainbike race, brakes could do with an upgrade....... :)

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  • Ace, is that an instigator ?

  • Rumbled...... Have we met at a race Housecat ? :)

    No it's a Karate Monkey, the 2011 frameset, the last of the v-brake Monkeys as they lost the mounts on the 2012 frames and i really wanted the braking options. It may have been 2009/2010 that the Monkey had the major overhaul, 2012 lost the mounts and then along came the Monkey OP's. Came close to getting the current Instigator, they are nice to look at but haven't ridden one. Be a much better choice for mountains and DH racing.
    Mines been in bits for a while as i have been slowly gathering parts for it, scored some disc wheels and hope brakes and a chainset with shagged BB, still need rotors and mounts but slowly getting round to building it up again as v-brakes are great for normal riding but a bit scary if your stupid enough to tackle DH tracks.
    My Monkey in current form lurking behind other frames....... waiting, just waiting as it knows when i am ready again and Monks rebuilt we will rigid raid and slay another mountain :) (yes i am a bit out there)

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  • Straggler.

  • Nice, is that a light mounted on the fork crown ? never seen one there before.

  • Nope photo not working, have Monk treasure hunting on the beach, scored a few kilos of lead :)

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  • Couple of mine...

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  • Steeaammrolllleerr

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  • Hmmm, perhaps, I was doing a fair bit of racing a few years ago, Mountain Mayhem, sleepless in the Saddle and lots of UK/Euro singlespeed champs that type of thing, always riding rigid singlespeeds of various types.

    I was thrown by the brace between the seat tube and the top tube, it made me think instigator. I have a Monkey on the long list of frames to think about when I bite the bullet and go for a 29er.

  • My Disc Trucker setup for touring

  • HousecatHST, yep at first glance some of the frames look similar now, the KM OP's version is closer to an Instigator as it has the fatter headtube standard.
    My 2011 frameset, the dropped toptube and downtube gusset and some minor tweeks seperate it from the original frame.

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Surly Bike Owners

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