A pair of Olmos

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  • Been a long time coming but I finally got around to make a project out of an Olmo frame I bought on here two years ago. It's an Olmo Sintex lopro frame which had passed through the hands of a few forum members before it got to me.

    It was fairly ratty so my plan was to go for a respray. Then another Olmo (Leader) came up locally with nice pantographed campag bits, too hard to resist. So then there were two. Nice duo project I thought.

    Anyway, it's been two years of not having enough funds nor time and not having a painter I trust to handle this. Finding the latter got this roling again. Decals were sorted through Greg Softley. Paint is a pearlescent white for both of them and the decal scheme will be similar too. This is how I got them from the painter today, ready for decals.

    Components will be Campag. Early C-Record for the Leader and C-Record for the Sintex.

  • nice project! I would love to find/have a matching pair of frames.

  • serious buisness :)

  • really nice , I like the way the paint on both the fork crowns match

  • Very nice.

  • Thanks :) yeah it's quite a project. I'd only had frames powdercoated before, feels good to do this properly.

    Dropped these off for a clearcoat this morning. Well chuffed with how it's coming together so far. Found out the headbadge wasn't correct though, so had to re-order those.

  • Wow, loving this!! Good going, can't wait to see the finished results. T

  • Awesome.

  • super nice!

  • That lopro is a fucking beauty, to say I'm jealous would be an understatement

  • Super cool duo you have got there.

    C record is quite expensive, uou gonna be fine thrashing around on the streets?

  • Nice, unfluted super record cranks would look sweet if that's the thoughts for the track

  • @zaurbek The leader had a really nice groupset when I bought it so no need to buy new parts really. Just need to clean them and it'll be nice http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/olmo-leadeĀ­r-16535 I've got other bikes to trash around town so these are for whenever the weather is nice and retrorides.

    @Simpson79 hmm yeah those would definitely look good too. My plan is C-Record, with the shield logo, for now as I have those already.

  • Wauw, Mooi setje!!

  • Lovely framesets.
    Paint looks awesome, en good job on the decals! (you did them yourself, right?)
    Can't wait to see them finished!

  • @Reinier89

    Yeah I did apply them myself, a tedious job but very rewarding. I didn't design them myself. Greg from http://cyclomondo.net had a similar set, which he was willing to change to suit my needs at a very reasonable fee, top service.

    Probs going to pick the frames up again next tuesday!

  • Awesome, just awesome, can't wait to see them complete.

  • Looks so nice. Colours are very tasteful. Love a good matching bikes build.
    Are you planning on filling in the panto on the seat stay of the leader (the top bit called something like sundries?)?

  • Thanks @HHC . Yes I'll be filling the lug windows and pantos with black paint. I'm also thinking about painting a thin black line on the paint/chrome borders.

    Got the frames back in the meantime and the new headbadges are under way too. Also trying to get the parts for the wheels together. Hubs will be Record, not C-Record to save some money and to put into use parts I already have.

  • I'm also thinking about painting a thin black line on the paint/chrome borders.

    Or blue? Would look awesome regardless but tres risky no?

  • Well, a very dark blue could work but there shouldn't bee too much colour on the frame I think.

  • Maybe the same colour as the decals?

    Anyway, lovely pair of frames. Especially looking forward to how the Lo Pro is gonna turn out. Front is 650c right?

  • @Tijs Yess, 650c front. Wheels will be Wolber TX Profil on Campag Record hubs.

  • Right, headbadges have been applied too now. Only need to sort the details with some black paint and paint is done.

    Finding two C-Record headsets has been harder than I thought. If someone has a spare he's looking to sell, please hook me up :) I've been offered a couple of Chorus (with a chamfer on the cone/cup) headsets from people confused about what's what (the differences are small, that's true).

  • Progress on the Olmo Leader.

    I've not decided on the brakes yet. Deltas are nice but look massive. Super records aren't so aero but don't look like polished bricks.

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A pair of Olmos

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