Le Mans - World Endurance Championship [ WEC ]

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  • Toyota.

    2 seconds faster than Porsche.

    Done Deal.


  • Jesus is punishing Porsche for putting the 911s' engine in the middle by slowing them down.

  • Never underestimate the power of the Toyota Curse.

    I'm not going to La Sarthe this year, as @Cycliste isn't being a pit lane monkey this year, and if I can't camp in the marshals' campsite then I'm not going. And we're going to L'Eroica Brittania anyway.

  • I'm gonna be watching it again this year... making my yearly pilgrimage round my sisters to hang out in front of a big arsed TV, eat bbq and drink a few beers... I do plan on going again one year but this is a good compromise. I'm willing to bet it will rain again this year.

  • Well they were moaning about LMP1-H being too expensive and canning it for a non-hybrid class. Peugeot in particular have been quite vocal about this. Lots of rumours about Porsche or Toyota pulling out after this season. Now the ACO are proposing regs with even more hybrid reliance, compulsory plug-in capability and a need to do the first km of the lap in EV mode only AND finish the race in EV mode!

    Could be good!

  • The prophecy continues...

  • Found myself tuning in for a quick update and end up watching it for 3 hours. Roll out of bed, turn on LM.
    Loving it.
    Gutted for Kobayashi et al they were running quite well, and to lose 2 cars at the same time.

    The Aston blowout was quite impressive, tyre went and obliterated the right wing in a shower of carbon fibre

  • that race was better than most entire recent F1 seasons put together....

    toyota, terrible.... - hope they come back next year!

  • Didn't get to watch any of it but am eager to see the highlights...

  • GTE pro 😮

  • Just over 2 hours in...

    Some streams:


    Alternatively sign up for the Eurosport Player which has a 7 day free trial and cancel.

  • Just indy left for Alonso. Was good racing between the Porsche and the Friday GT40.

    Carlton Kirby can fuck off thou.

  • Le Mans is next weekend. Practice and qualifying schedule during next week, and race schedule are in the link. I’ll post up links to other resources during the week as I find them.

    I might pay for the WEC stream this year. Eurosport is borderline unbearable to watch because of the adverts. I’m assuming I’ll be able to cast it to the telly? Any thoughts?


  • its on QUEST on freeview (the start , and then around 6 hours overnight i think, and i think the end too, but dont quote me on that) - eurosport player is truly painful, there is usually a feed that has no ads when the "main" broadcast is not on, but it also has no commentry,,,,

  • I think the no commentary feed might be one of the ACO or WEC streams. I’m not so bothered about that because Radio Le Mans does the best commentary and the best viewing experience is with the race feed muted and RLM playing over the top.

    I need to do some searches on the OcUK motors forum - we used to have a yearly thread on there and most of the resources are listed but are now well buried in the archives.

  • Potentially Youtube? They had a Daytona 24 full stream on there...think it was a private link, I'll post in the Motorsport thread if I find one.

  • Here are some resources for watching at home. I’ve paid for the FIA WEC app this year and so far it has been excellent, without the repetitive adverts you get on Eurosport.

    Uk times:

    Free practice Wednesday 15:45 to 19:30
    Q1 20:50 to 23:15

    Q2 Thursday 17:50 to 20:50
    Q3 20:50 to 23:15

    Race coverage generally Saturday 13:00 until finish. Race START is 2pm UK time = 3pm French to me.

    Coverage will be on Eurosport and through the FIA WEC app

    Highest quality 24 hr commentary is through Radio Le Mans broadcast online. It’s usually best to watch one of the race feeds with the sound muted and Radio Le Mans playing over the top.

    Main site: http://www.24h-lemans.com/en/

    Background and entry list: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_24_­Hours_of_Le_Mans

    Best Le Mans commentary: listen live online, Radio Le Mans: http://www.radiolemans.co/

    Watch online (not free to watch in the UK):

    FIA site and app: https://www.fiawec.com/en/live (£9 for race weekend with what look like excellent resources)

    Eurosport and Eurosport Player. Just a warning, I got the 7 day free trial of Eurosport Player last year and the feed was terrible and cut off every hour or so. When I paid for it a few years ago it was a bandwidth hog. Both times I’ve ended up using an illegal feed instead, to either get rid of the stuttering or whatever the other reasons were that I’ve forgotten about. The repetitive adverts become UNBEARABLE as well. I’m not sure I can recommend it.

    MotorTrend On Demand (they do Roadkill etc on subscription) have a 14 day free trial running and are broadcasting the race. American viewers overnight said quali was included and looks like race won’t be blocked for the trial. Download the app and sign up; may also be broadcast direct on their website, though still behind the paywall. Don’t forget to cancel the trial...

    There is always a feed on Race Department. I’m still not sure if this is legal or hooky, but they host it every year: https://www.racedepartment.com/

    Most of the teams broadcast live onboards from their cars for free for the full 24 hrs and are well worth a look. Easiest ones to find are Porsche and Corvette. I’ll post some links if I have time to find them.

  • @Jonny69 - awesome, thankyou - i'll be watching :-)

  • So Quest is showing 3 hours from just before the start, then 6 hours from midnight, then around 4h until the end and a bit after...

  • Race start in NINETEEN MINUTES!

  • Awesome so far...

  • streaming this for VIDEO (free) with MUTED sound
    and this for audio

    (ford car camera feeds with radio le mans)

  • or total radio feed is here

  • This is no ad's eurosports stream. With Sound.

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Le Mans - World Endurance Championship [ WEC ]

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