Shall I be worried and change the tyre

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  • @Sumo not really a skidder... not yet at least.

    @finger_jockey they said normal gatorskin... those are the hardshell ones, not sure my bum will like them :D

  • I've ridden both Hardshell and regular Gators, and at 23c, I couldn't really tell much difference in normal commuting conditions. I only ride Hardshells as their puncture ratio seems much lower than Gators (IMHO).


    On 'sale' right now, though this seems like a normal price for the cheapest gatorskins. Get folding ones rather than the wire bead ones to save a couple grams. These should last long and if you get the 28mm ones (if they fit your bike) will be as comfy as a 23mm tire without the puncture protection.

  • Only if you insist on riding with a high pressure.

  • thanks Maria!


  • I'll certainly be in touch to finance my next build, thanks.

  • @Smolders I have to check, my bike came with 700x23, I need to make sure there is enough room for the tyre.

    @edscoble isn't it better to have high pressure in order to reduce punctures?

  • My gatorskins are basic ones, and have lasted way longer than I expected. Stupidly went offroad with it yesterday, got lost on a shortcut south south south of the city, and they survived no problem at all.

  • fuck, i'd just replace the whole bike

  • @dancing james I'm about to commission a custom build so don't worry I will please you. Just tell me which colour I should go for this time so that it won't disappoint you ;)

  • @pdlouche thank for the info... I think I'll go for the 4 seasons though, they are 41% off on wiggle so I think it's a good bargain :)

  • custom fixehs must be Gorgeous Baby Blue, it's the rules­25/

  • Baby blue and pink... I see :)

  • I wanna vomit

  • isn't it better to have high pressure in order to reduce punctures?

    It's the other way round, higher pressure increase risk of punctures.

    Definitely get 25mm if you're worried that 28mm won't fit.

  • You should stay above the minimum pressure for gatorskins....

    (and of course below the maximum)

  • @pdlouche hehehe, don't worry I'm not going to paint it baby blue, neither pink... I'm going for something definitely more subtle, likely matte black or graphite and KTM orange or similar for the details, I'm not sure yet.

    @edscoble thanks for the hint, I've always been told the opposite. Never trust friends :)

  • So eventually got and put Continental GP 4seasons on and they are very good. They are so much more pleasant than my old Victoria, I highly recommend them.

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Shall I be worried and change the tyre

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