The mint Crux

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  • Stunning bike!

  • Go custom!

  • I am going to steal this idea and pop a green headset on my road bike. I like the tint on tint concept

  • The teal one? As long as the colours are not too far off eachother temperature-wise it'll work. The mint here is not very minty, more a light neutral green. So a grass green headset might make your bike look very blue.

  • Yeah, It might not work.

  • Difficult one. I'm not sure. Love that bike, though,

  • Going to use the Crux for a small bikepacking trip down Sweden and up Denmark the next week, so I spent last night making a framebag for it. I was kind of in a hurry and hadn't prepared well, but it turned out good enough for use. 50 shades of camo.

    To get it ready I also swapped the lightweight post and saddle for the old bits, and I also switched to a 42cm Fizik Cyrano Bull instead of the 40cm Snake.

    Will try to snap some better photos later.

    Oh, also got new tires after wearing out the Compass ones. 35mm Gravelking SK. I didn't buy them for this trip, but I don't have anything else fitting at the moment, and they roll surprisingly well so will give them a go.

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  • How are those skewers working out?

  • They've been good. I make sure to have the right amount of torque and push them all the way in. If you are sloppy when tightening, like not pushing it all the way in because of hitting the stays or something, then I can imagine it coming loose.

  • This is OG gravel bike. Still so good, but then all of your bikes have been.

  • Haha, OG for sure. Leaving tomorrow!

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  • Route?

    (asking from Denmark)

  • needs green, red or gold stem cap to match the hubs, skewers or brakes respectively.

    very very very nice bike, frame bag looks good too!

  • Gothenburg-Copenhagen-Aarhus (by ferry)-Frederikshavn

    That should leave us with some time to pick detours if we like. Probably staying in CPH for to nights if we get there in two days.

    @hp93: Agree, but getting to the point where nothing is matching is also fun :)

  • True, in that case i'd go for blue.

  • Looking great as ever, enjoy your trip.

  • Ok. Make sure you book your ferry to Aarhus at leaset the Day before and save a lot.

  • I did this on my own two years ago. It’s a great ride. I made it to CPH in two days. Slept on a beach somewhere south of Falkenberg if I remember correctly. Second day was 200k though. So would recommend going a bit further.

  • Good tips! We’ll make sure to book the ferry – hadn’t thought of that.

    Planning to have pizza in Falkenberg, then hopefully get in another hour or two after that. If not, we got time to camp another night before CPH. Not in a hurry.

  • I don’t know if you’re going for Hallandsåsen or around Torekov. But Gamla riksvägen/Postridarens väg going over the mountain was really beautiful. But maybe either way is :-)

  • We’re off!

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  • Came back a few days ago. We had a great week, albeit with headwind pretty much every day. Here's a quick report.

    Day 1 - 137 km - Gothenburg to Falkenberg - Highlight was the pizza at Lilla Napoli. Best I ever had.

    Day 2 - 134 km - Falkenberg to Nivå - Tough day with heavy headwind at 30+ degrees.

    Day 3 - 3o km - Nivå to Copenhagen - Rolling down the beach roads to CPH.

    Day 4-5 - 0 km - Copenhagen - Eating and drinking fancy stuff with friends.

    Day 6 - 105 km - Copenhagen to Sjællands Odde/Aarhus - More headwind, dropping temperatures and rain. We caught the ferries though, and made it to Aarhus where we had more fancy food and drinks.

    Day 7 - 172 km - Aarhus to Frederikshavn - Decided to skip the planned camping on Jylland because of bad weather. Big day and the wind wasn't as bad as the rest of the trip so we made it to our final destination and took the boat back to Oslo the morning after.

    If you plan to do something similar, you can find the rides on Strava -­nterval?interval=201926

    If I was to do it again, I would definitely do it the other way around.

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  • More photos

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  • Last ones

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  • Gothenburg to Falkenberg - Highlight was the pizza at Lilla Napoli. Best I ever had.

    Doing Gothenburg - Falkenberg in aug. I'm based in Gothenburg so I can just take the train back after stuffing my face full of Lilla Napoli lushness. I hope you tried the dessert-pizza!

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The mint Crux

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