The mint Crux

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  • Almost two years ago I bought a Specialized Crux Sport 105 to get off the tarmac and have some fun in the fall. From there it escalated quickly. I'll spend a few of posts to get up to date.

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  • After riding it stock for a couple of months, I pretty much thought cross was the coolest thing ever. And since road season was ending and the first cross races were coming up, I wanted upgradez. You know, to keep cross weird and stuff.

    I didn't really care for the paintjob, so I went to have it resprayed. And when when all the parts where off I decided to put the group from my road bike on it - previous generation Red.

    Also put on an S-Works seatpost I got from a mate, a Toupé Pro saddle and a 3T ARX Team stem. Things were getting even more fun.

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  • Remove wheel logos = porn

    more pics, very nice

  • We're still back in time. This bike has seen lots of wheels.

    So, first race. DNF after two laps. Tightened the saddle too hard – and no, I'm not using crabon rails again on a cross bike.

    Next day with a test saddle from my LBS. Much mud, much fun.

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  • Don't have much build pics from the first season, so here's an action shot. It's the Nationals where Lars Petter Nordhaug won with a couple of minutes. I placed 16th. It's not exactly a huge sport here, but I was happy.

    As I didn't really have a clue about cross back then, I got some new clincher wheels. Old DA with Open Pro. Really stupid wheels for cross, but the got me around the course well enough.

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  • Do post more pics, this thing looks ace!

  • Subbed!

  • Great but i am not sold on the green . Offroad is where its at any time of day or night

  • Always love the curves of Specialized frames, looks mint in mint, mint.

  • Always love to see your Crux on your IG.. Lovely stuff.. After a crux myself !

  • Glad you like it!

    Fast forward to last year. After learning lots the first fall, I did my research and wanted to rig it properly for racing.

    I also thought it looked cheap without any branding, so I went ahead and traced the logos I needed. Then I measured them on another Crux to get the right size and tapering to follow the tubes properly. I ordered the decals at a local print shop and the result was pretty good! I think it looks much better.

    From my experience I didn't need two rings, so I went for a 1x10 setup. I kept the rear mech, put on the Red crank I had laying around and fitted it with a 39T Wolftooth ring.

    Changed brakes from the stock stuff to Shorty Ultimate – which was a massive upgrade. Aslo switched to Eggbeaters to avoid mud clogging which was a problem for me with the XT pedals.

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  • That's really, really nice. Bravo

  • it's so much nicer with the decals on!

    really like the look of single colour paintjobs with unobtrusive decals over the rather hectic and messy factory designs.

    regarding the broken saddle rails: did you use a torque wrench when installing it?

  • @FixedThatForYou: No torque wrench, hence the over-tightening.

    Final piece of the puzzle was the race wheels. I went with Hed Belgium laced to Dura Ace hubs. 28h 2x front and 3x back. Had a friend build them for me and I glued on Dugast Typhoon Cottons. They are amazing. Stiff, pretty light and requires little to no maintenance. Think I did eight pretty rough races on them and they are still true, never had a flat and never had to open the hubs.

    I did drop the chain once in a training race, so I just fitted the front derailleur to play it safe.

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  • This summer I wanted to build a clincher wheelset that could accommodate fatter tyres. Wanted to be able to ride on a bit rougher terrain in prep of cross season, and also learn to build wheels.

    Went with Ultegra 6800 hubs, Archetype rims and DT Swiss Revolution spokes. Apart from being given the wrong length spokes (I ordered the right ones) and trying to lace them up with no luck, building the wheels went fine. Didn't take much photos during the process, so I'm unable to show the logo-through-the-valve-hole-picture. But it was pleasing to get it right.

    Put WTB Nano Race 40c on them. Much fun, and still true!

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  • And here with the right tyres.

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  • Lookin good. How long did the brake track take to go from black to silver?

  • Two or three rides iirc.

  • Ah, not too long then. May have to have a look for some when I've got some cash together.

  • Haven't been able to race the last year, or even ride much because of some health issues.

    But took the Crux to work today in the sunshine. It makes me happy and is the best bike I've ever had.

    Red crank is back on with the Wolftooth ring.

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  • really nice rig and an enjoyable read this thread, cheers

  • Wicked bike and really nice story of your development within cross. Looks super rad!

  • Thanks!

    Forgot to mention the CX1 rear mech and levers are also on now. I knicked it off the other Crux before I sold it. No reason to keep both bikes when I'm not racing, so of course I kept this one.

    Properly missing riding and racing. Hope to be back on track soon.

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The mint Crux

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