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  • I was looking for some bars on eBay and found these..


    i wasn't looking for fake ones, but i stumbled across these, has anyone experienced them? They look pretty cool, but are they certain death? I recently bought a replica cycling kit (i honestly didn't even know it was a replica of something, it was my first kit so wasn't familiar with the brands at all) and its really good quality, better than the cheap shorts i have from decathlon, even came with a proper ass-pad.

  • I've owned a couple of chinese carbon frames, a pair of track wheels and some bottles cages but I wouldn't risk fake bars or stem

  • Ebay and Amazon marketplace are getting flooded with fake Shimano parts with seemingly genuine retail packaging.

    Pedals, cleats and chains particularly, thread on WW has some pics. I just received some fake SPD-SL with identical ‘errors’ as the set pictured.


  • Not even a ‘good’ fake SMP:


  • BTwin cleats out of stock?

  • UK seller and item in retail packaging, what could go wrong?
    Snapped completely on second ride

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  • Got a fake Deore chain recently.

    Rusted up dead quick. It wasn’t even that much cheaper, £15 and the genuine one I bought from crc to replace it was only £18.

    Disappointed in myself for not noticing when I received it.

    Packaging was ‘off’, box too glossy, bag inside not the right material but I just thought it’d maybe been a while since I handled a Shimano chain. It had a split link as well which really made me suspicious but again, thought maybe Shimano had done away with the break away pin.

    Used it in the wet once and it was solid the next day. Tried to clean and relube it but it just kept getting stiff links/sections.

  • Had some fake brakepads, when they arrived I thought the finish on the cooling fins wasn't quite good enough. Lasted about 400 miles before the braking compound separated from the plate.

  • Damn, that could be lethal.

  • Ouch. I'm not ordering much from the UK anymore but that's worth bearing in mind for future purchases.

    I do miss Decat though...

  • I always see a lot of fake ritchey carbon stuff on ebay.


    That's an example. The logos are huge and the lines blurry on the wcs. The middle logo lines are way too thick.

    I see a lot of sellers that I think are unaware that they have fakes. Makes me sad for the person they are moving them on to.

    Edit: saying that, I'm sure most are aware they bought fakes.

  • Hmmmm this is starting to make sense - I replaced a chain for a neighbour in my block a few weeks back. The guy ordered Shimano Deore online, quick replacement, no worries. ‘Snapped’ when he was riding, so he bought the other spare over, and I did the same ....which ‘snapped’ again. He took it to a bike shop where they told him the chain ‘wasn’t strong enough’ (??!)

    Couldn’t fathom at the time, and thought about it a lot since. Deore is a bombproof, fit & forget; I’ve replaced hundreds of chains, and seen loads of chains which have broken and twisted/sheared the plates/pins out of shape, but there wasn’t any sign of this.

  • The WW thread starts with a fake Dura Ace chain that didn't even have hollow pins.

    Seller of my cleats has sold >400 sets :(

  • Seller of my cleats has sold >400 sets

    As mentioned elsewhere, some UK retailers are resorting to buying sold out stock online at RRP to retain business. Hopefully the word will spread quick about potential fakes...

  • FFS. How do some people sleep at night.

  • Really glad I found this thread! Bought a 10 speed Shimano XTR chain from eBay. It came in retail packaging and it didn't even cross my mind that it would be fake. 1 short ride in the rain and next day it was covered with a layer of rust. I blamed myself thinking that I had only used a dry weather lubricant pre-ride. Definitely not riding that bike again before a new chain is fitted!

  • I feel the need to counter this. I think all of my 10-speed road and mtb SRAM groupset components apart from the shifters came from Malaysia eBay at suspiciously low price and either in immaculate used condition or the old ‘new without retail packaging’. It’s either been very, very good fake or it’s sellers genuinely trying to offload things. I figured with eBay/PayPal as a buyer you always have their selling guarantee on your side. If you have to resort to eBay customer service as a buyer it always goes in your favour so it’s really risk free if there’s any chance you’re going to receive counterfeit goods. I think I’ve had two items over the years which have definitely been counterfeit: some Sennheiser earphones with very good fake packaging and something else which I forget.

    TLDR; I don’t think you can just write off stuff on eBay from Malaysia. Know what your fakes look like. Lean on the eBay/PayPal guarantee if you have to. You don’t get that protection with Amazon.

  • On piles of cash.

  • I think the point here is to share experiences to help people shop better and know what to look out for.

    I agree ebay protection has always come through for me. As far as I know I've never recieved fake goods but I have bought stuff that never showed up and ebay has always refunded within a few days.

    I'm struggling to find out where Malaysia comes into the conversation. Did I miss something?

    Edit: I missed the Malaysia mention at the start of your post. I think I missed the point a bit, sorry.

  • Nobody can fake that bastard to open packaging of those.

  • I'm struggling to find out where Malaysia comes into the conversation. Did I miss something?

    Edit: I missed the Malaysia mention at the start of your post. I think I missed the point a bit, sorry.

    Ha! You know what, looking back, it's not even mentioned here. I thought I was replying to comments I read on this thread, but the pics and comments on the counterfeit Shimano parts coming from Malaysia were on the WW thread that @dubtap linked to. That'll teach me to post when tired!

  • Bought some Dura ace Chains. I buy 3 at a time to rotate.

    The ones that arrived are well fake. PayPal protect me please!!!

  • Did they have solid pins?

  • Bought some Dura ace Chains. I buy 3 at a time to rotate

    Golf Club Bar chat contender right here mate

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Fake stuff on eBay

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