Euro Qualifiers Manchester 16/8/15 Reg Closed

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  • @coventry_eagle - Ben Rodrick is already on a team (Westway (Ben Rodrick, Phil, Vit LDN))

    Can you or westway confirm whats going on with these 2 teams now?

  • Confirmed for Cold Shoulders. Westway are out.

  • ok, thanks


    1. Srangeways (Andrew, Arthur, Ste MCR)
    2. Party Illuminati (Dan, Shane and Edd CMB)
    3. Flowery Twats (Emyr, Oli, John MCR)
    4. After Party (Chris P, Miles, Antonio BRI/GRA/LDN)
    5. Deus Bags (Adam, Nick Kris CAN)
    6. TBC (Clem, Lizzy, Zsofia GLA, BRS)
    7. Cold Shoulders (Beagle, Ben Rodrick, French Kev LDN/LDN/LYN)

    Remember the deadline for registration and payment is FRIDAY 29th JULY. No teams will be accepted after this cut off.

    Can all teams (that haven't already) chose a rep and then pm me with an email address for the team. Ta

  • Chan,

    Any further info on format and stuff? One day fo-sho I presume?

    Would appreciate further details ASAP so we can book tickets etc.

  • One day, round robin if no more than 8 teams. If more we will have to change the format, and it will be explained on the day.

    Sunday 16th, housing available on sat night if need.

    Rules - Current NAH, we will have dedicated refs

    Address: 140 Raby St, Manchester M14 4SQ

    Games will start @9:00am sharp, be at the court for 8am for briefing/bike check

  • Where is everyone?!

  • Good question man

  • Quite a few in the UK scene are playing with foreign teams and the rest have either moved into the sticks or just busy with their lives (buying house, getting married, new jobs, travelling (or planning to) etc)

  • Hmnnn well hopefully the polo scenes across the UK keep pushing on and reaching out.

  • Waiting for the deadline in three weeks?


  • i suppose cause there arent any UK tournaments anymore, teams havent really formed as there hasnt been much to work towards and people are losing interest in competitive polo (well it seems like it in London anyway). Maybe its time for the return of the National Series?

  • Word. Letting the NS fade away was a big, big factor in where we are today. The NS not only brought a UK scene together, it also encouraged smaller scenes to have the confidence and shared skills to host tournaments. We have survived on a fragmented approach hidden by the momentum of our better players/teams successes. Now they're away/gone we are left with a vacuum to fill. Re-establishing the NS for 2016 should be a priority.

  • Are you entering Todd?

  • Tournaments every month in the regions.

    It's just London that's dying.

  • Are you entering Todd?

    You might want to add a comma.

  • I think the particular discussion point is about competitive team play as it was once considered (NS and other events) - unless I'm missing something, there haven't been orthodox team tournaments on an individual or regular basis in 2015 in regions or London (as opposed to bench, abc, spirit animal etc).

  • So much this, it's hard to have confidence in your regular team's levels and coordination when 99% of your teamgames are against the same two or three local lineups.

  • the TBC league really screwed with uk tournaments. it made a divide between london and other cities, and instead of having country wide tournaments, which benefited everyone and pushed the tournament mentality, it segregated london players. to be fair london could happily host its own tournaments but then why should they and invite everyone else when the same isn't reciprocated! i think the core of london players that were around the past few years, succeeding world wide, which the TBC guys were concerned about have lost the love and the segregation tournaments have just pushed the newer london players away from having tournament aspirations!

  • +Slightly

    It only took one person to do the overall organisation for NS... Just get a few areas to agree to hold a tourny and it will be reincarnated... Don't wait for 2016... Do it now.

  • That's not a good analysis of the TBC.

    The TBC was set up with the same principles as the London League. It was designed to provide competition amongst regions thus encouraging newer players and smaller scenes to develop, which I think it has succeeded in doing.

  • I think the idea was it would happen as well as regular tournaments rather than instead of, in the hope of getting newer people involved and as good practice to help us yokals compete more with the London elite. Obviously this has had knock on effects with the amount of regular tournaments but I think it has coincided coincidentally with a drop off in London players. If it was done a year or two ago I doubt the same would've happened. The NS was amazing but very London dominated, which maybe put some people off, the TBC has perhaps gone too far the other way.
    No harm in trying something, it's been good for some and less so for others but hopefully helps with planning for future years.

  • Also this should probably be in a different thread.

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Euro Qualifiers Manchester 16/8/15 Reg Closed

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