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  • Did some more yesterday afternoon, well as much as I could while keeping my son out of trouble (who still managed to get grease all over himself).

    Put the cassette and spacer on. Bars still need to be aligned correctly. Also put the shifter and brake levers on. Discovered as I unpacked the brake levers that they came with cables and housing (I don’t know why I thought they wouldn’t). Of course this is AFTER I just bought new cables and housing for them. Oh well. Doesn’t hurt to have spares. Front rack was put back on, although I might take it off to connect the front brake because the basket and rack will get in the way. I also put the grips on with the spray adhesive I use for screenprinting (which I’ve always done), but I think I got a bit carried away with the amount of glue because they didn’t stick. I’ll re-do it this weekend.

    I left the cabling and chain for a time for where I don’t have a little person under my feet wanting to spin the cranks or stick screwdrivers into any hole he can find on the bike. It’s a long weekend this weekend, so I should be able to find some time.

  • Had a thought on my commute home tonight regarding the mudguards. I realised that my Rockhopper dad bike has got a set of Zefal Paragon C50’s on it that are barely used. They should easily cover the 700x40c tyres I currently have. I also think I have a spare set of stays from when I built up my Paconi as a commuter with another set of them as well because I got sent two sets of guards with only one set of mounting hardware. I might see if I can run them until I get the VO guards. They also don’t dent from the bike racks and are jet black. I know once I build this bike up it will rain everyday and I’ll want to ride it.

    EDIT: I checked when I finally got home. I still have the stays to run 700c mudguards (I cut the stays on the dad bike because they’re 26” wheels), so I’ll use the Zefal mudguards for now. I also found this sweet sticker that I thought I lost. That will be trimmed and will go on as well.

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  • So I have a six pack of beer, all the parts and some spare time this evening. Should hopefully finish building it back up. I even downloaded the manual for the rear derailleur.

    Now I just have to wait until I finish work.

  • Fitted the mudguards with no real issues. The Zefal Paragon’s annoy me because they’re about 5cm too short at the chainstay bridge (see photo). I had that issue on another build as well that I fixed with an Ass Saver. These will only be temporary until I get VO Zeppelins. These do sit over the tyres nicely considering I originally had them on an old MTB with 26” wheels though.

    Also fitted the chain and connected the brakes. The rear feels fine, the front is a bit squishy. I’ll play around with the pads tomorrow and cable pull. Might just be the brakes.

    Haven’t worked on the rear derailleur yet. I’ve never dealt with this type before so I need some time to figure it out.

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  • So close. Rear mudguard is slightly rubbing because my wheel is a bit out of true. The grips still aren’t sticking. I’ll need to take them off and clean all the glue from the inside and try again. Headset is a bit loose as well. I’ll have to adjust that today.

    I’m also still trying to figure out whether I run the shifter cable on the NDS and cross it under the downtube to stop the cable rub on the headtube. The cables look a bit messy from the front, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Finished. Too dark for photos though. Sorry.

    Took it for a very brief ride out the front of my house then. Ride well, gears changed nicely and the derailleur was a lot easier to set up than I though. The brakes still need some work. A lot of lever pull for not much braking. I’m using v-brake specific levers with v-brakes, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I plan to upgrade to salmon Kool Stops in the near future so hopefully that will help. Other than that it pretty great. I might ride it to the pub tonight, but I’m a bit hesitant to have a proper maiden voyage in the dark after a few beers.

  • Rode it last night. Something is creaking. I think I need to re-grease and tighten the bottom bracket, but I don’t have the tools for that, I’ll take it to my friends bike shop on Friday and do that. The brakes are still really spongy. I’ll play around with the pads and the spacers and see if I can get them better. The front rack gets in the way to tighten the cable, which is a bit annoying. I also think I need more of a setback seat post as well.

    Other than that it rode really well. I’m glad I didn’t go smaller on the chainring either. 44t with 11-42 will give me a good commuting range.

    Photos to come tomorrow!

    EDIT: Brakes fixed by swapping the spacers around in the front. I feel like I have some stopping power now.

  • Done.

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  • Looking good!

  • decent! makes me want to flat bar + 1x my kepler.

    are you going to remove the front derailleur stop from the downtube?

  • This rocks

  • looking sharp..

  • Looks v nice. What basket bag is that?

  • Parts list:

    • Frame, fork & headset: All City Space Horse (2015), Cane Creek S-8
    • Bars & Grips: Nitto Bullmoose with Cult x Vans grips
    • Brakes & shifter: Shimano Alivio brake levers, Tektro Quartz v-brakes, Shimano Deore shifter
    • Seat & seatpost: Selle Italia Flite, cheap Giant two-bolt
    • Cranks, bottom bracket & pedals: Sram Rival with cheap eBay 44t narrow wide chainring, Sram GXP BB, Shimano A-530 pedals
    • Wheels, tyres, cassette & derailleur: H+Son Archetype, Vittoria Voyager Hyper 700x40c, Shimano 11-42t, Shimano Deore
    • Other: Soma Portuer rack, Wald basket, Spurcycle bell, Zefal Paragon C50 mudguards (will be replaced soon), Paul “Gino” light mount.

  • It’s made by a friend who makes bags under the name Hungry. This was one of the prototype basket bags. His basket / tote bags look great!

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All City Space Horse

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