All City Space Horse

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  • They're the Velo Orange "Moderniste" cage, which are essentially a knock off of King Cage "Iris" cages with a few tweaks in the design.

    I got the VO ones because they were slightly cheaper and readily available to me (my friend's shop stock them).


    King Cage

  • Lovely cages, might get some of that stainless love for my workhorse roadie.

  • Have been wanting bigger tyres on this for a while, and after taking my wheels off to clean it, I realised how worn my rear tyre was. I ended up getting some more Clement X'Plor MSO's, this time in 700x40 (was using 32's before). Was a little worried they wouldn't fit under the mudguards, but after some tweaking, they fit with (some) room to spare. Pretty happy. Running them at 45psi. So good.

  • Here it is in it's current set up.

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  • Wanting to build something really similar to this, look excellent.

    What sort of rack are you using?

  • This bike is so great!

  • How do you find using the rack with the drop bars and levers?

    Do they get in the way?

  • I never had an issue when I did it, as long as you have internal shifting.

  • No (real) issues at all. A couple of times a bag I use strapped to the rack has gotten in the way, but small adjustments made it work.

  • So after 4 or so years, it’s time to rebuild this as something a bit different.

    My riding has changed a lot since becoming a dad almost 4 years ago, and this is mainly used for commuting. I can’t remember when I last went out on a “road ride”. I’m also super over canti’s in the wet, so I wanted a flat bar with v brakes. We’re also knocking our house down to rebuild which means I am down to two bikes, with one being my Specialized “kid carrier”, because the rest will be in storage at my parents. I want something to commute on, ride gravel and do everything in between.

    Plan is to make it a 1x10 with Nitto Bullmoose bars, front rack with basket. So, pretty much on-trend.

    What was kept from the current build:
    Frame, headset, seat post
    Selle Italia Flite saddle
    Soma porteur rack
    Wald basket
    Velo Orange bottle cages
    H+Son Archetype laced to Shimano 105 hubs
    Vittoria Voyager Hyper 700x40 tyres
    Sram Rival cranks and GXP bottom bracket
    Shimano PD A530 dual sided pedals
    PDW Fenderbot
    Spurcycle bell

    Parts purchased:
    Nitto Bullmoose bars (black)
    Cult x Vans waffle grips (black)
    Shimano Deore M6000 trigger shifter(s)*
    Shimano Deore M6000 rear derailleur
    Shimano 11-42 10 speed cassette
    Shimano BL-T4000 brake levers
    Tektro v-brakes
    Cheap eBay 44t narrow wide chainring (already had from another build, but changed that to a 40t)

    Yet to be purchased:
    Velo Orange Zeppelin 52mm
    Cable(s), outers and ferrules
    Headset spacer (annoyingly I was in Blue Lug a few weeks ago when I bought the bars and didn’t think to get some Nitto spacers to match. I looked at ordering them online and it’s over $20AUD in postage)

    *I bought these as a set and am keeping my front derailleur in case I want to go 2x10 at some point.

  • I’m pretty much builidng a version of this, but with different bars and v-brakes.

  • My riding has changed a lot since becoming a dad almost 4 years ago

    Gosh, has it been that long already?

  • Yup. He’s 4 in November.

    Time flies.

  • Picked up the cassette from the post office last night. Brake levers should also come in the post today or tomorrow. I’ll purchase the chain and brake cables and outers today as well. Pretty excited to get this rolling.

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  • Current state.

    Got the brake levers in the post today, and got everything else I needed from the shop. Unfortunately I have misplaced the band for my Spurcycle bell, so I have to order one in (the spare ones at the shop were for 31.8 bars). I also need to order in the Velo Orange fenders.

    EDIT: Didn’t realise my poor old dog was in the background.

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  • Exciting news about the house man.
    Those bars awesome.. and really wide!!?
    I'll probs do a little Blue Lug order if some stuff I'm after is restocked if you get fussy for the nitto spacer down the track.
    I reckon some gums will look sharp with the blue when you wear those Voyagers out.

  • nice looking build!
    I might have a 26.8 'spurcycle style' band from one of the rockbros knock-offs in my parts bin. I'll have a look this evening.

  • Thanks. It’s a been a long process. Dealing with the council now, which is a head fuck.

    I’ll hit you up about the spacer if I go down that path. I’m not too fussed right now.

    The bars are wide, but not excessive. Should be fun.

    And yeah, I was looking at some 43c Gravelkings. I might get some for summer.

  • Thanks, but Spurcycle sell theirs for $2.50. I’m hoping postage isn’t stupid from the US.

  • well i'll have a look anyway - i don't want anything for it, and i'll never use it...

    ::edit:: found it. pm me your address and I'll pop it in the post of you want it

  • Always been a fan of your builds, looking forwards to seeing the results.

  • Thanks! I’ll pm now. Spurcycle want $13 postage!

  • Interested to see how this turns out. Your original build was the main inspiration for my Space Horse. Mine's primarily a year-round commuter but I still take it out of it's comfort zone through woods and on long road rides occasionally too.

  • @spotter Thanks! I think it was long overdue to make some changes to this bike.

    @Colonel_of_Truth awesome. I’m pretty excited about the rebuild.

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All City Space Horse

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