Bike fitting London

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  • Where to go? Any recommendation? I was thinking about Bespoke Cycling but I read a controversial thread here on the forum.

  • debo, this ...­25/

    is the main thread people use to discuss bike fit on here. You could ask your question in there (and there are already recommendations in it, but it's a long thread). It's a little hard to find, as a search for 'fitting' doesn't bring it up, although a search for 'bike fit' does.

    I can't really give you a good recommendation, as I last had a bike fit about eight years ago, but @scherrit, the 'Bike Whisperer' is a forumenger who does this fitting thing extremely well, although he has relocated to just outside Newbury. Cycle Fit, Mosquito, and various others all have their fans. There are various methods that different fitters use and it's becoming an increasingly crowded market by the looks of it.

    Hope you find the right solution for your needs.

  • @Oliver Schick I actually did find that link but I couldn't find any recommendation in terms of shop in the last few months posts; I'll ask directly there though, thanks.

    I hope so too because I will need to start my bespoke project.


Bike fitting London

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