Ye olde Witcomb

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  • Just picked this up off fleabay, and getting it ready for Eroica Brittania in June. I know bugger all about Witcombs but it piqued my interest and here we are. It has a bunch of bizarre but cool features and ultimately I'd like to build it up with a period correct high end parts whilst leaving the frame & paintwork alone bar some good cleaning/polishing. Strange stuff it appears to have are; Nervexey fork crown, double drilled lugs, super tight seat stay joints at top, non-integral seat post clamp, semi vertical campag drop outs, chromed stays & fork, BB seems almost tourer-esque low. It has high flange campy record hubs laced to Mavic GP4 tub rims - gonna lace 'em up to TB14's as I just cant deal with tubs. The jury's out on grey ano or polished rims. It's never seen a front dérailleur as far as I can see and obviously needs at the very least a decent rear dérailleur along with chain ring bolts, brakes (galli caliper is bent) and bar tape. Size 59 c/c ST and 58 c/c TT - fits me perfect. Runs a 26.4 post - no details on frame as to tubing but I assume it's some incarnation of 531. If someone is a Witcomb nerd could they kindly inform me of the vintage of this frame as I want to get period correct bits as much as poss. Favours for info can be repaid in beer either in Rainchester or at Eroica.....

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  • The Witcomb frame numbering convention would imply that this is a 1975 model. Someone more knowledgeable may chip in.

  • @Jingle_Jangle probably knows about this... Also I believe one of the Witcomb frame he was/is selling has a similar seat collar clamp.

  • Cheers for the info, circa mid 70's will be enough to keep my parts sourcing on track.

  • Quick snap before I headed off to Eroica. Got the front derailleur fitted, pedals sourced and levers sorted at the event thanks to the bike jumble.

    Maiden voyage only gave me some minor issues easily fixed by the roadside.

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  • Lovely!

  • Looks really nice. What next?

  • very nice witcomb

  • We need a Witcomb ride. (Just sayin').

  • What next? Dunno, probably sort out a few details, ride it for a bit an maybe put it up for sale. I leave the country at the end of the year so given it's pedigree I'd say its worth more to someone here than abroad. Never got wheels built btw, rear hub was toasted so bought separate wheels, both hubs Campag high flange, front to MA2, rear to Gent Champ turned out to be a 27". Ad stated 700c. It fits but I have to "lower" the wheel in the dropout a tad so it doesn't skim the brake caliper. Considering getting a Velo orange box rim and a repo MA2 sticker laced to another hub. Don't really want to break a decent rear wheel as I'm sure someone will want a good 27".

  • Up for Witcomb ride but need notice as the Witcomb somehow ended up Norf...

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Ye olde Witcomb

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