LFGSS Summer Training Conversation thread

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  • Its been far too long....
    So. Yep. Lets ride bikes in the rain with our new kit.
    Last minute Notice for a club-paced (18mph) ride to the Blue Egg cafe on Bank Holiday Monday.

    Generic Plans:
    Midweek- Tuesday evening at pace pre SE drinks, set off from PS at 6:30? for 1.5hrs of fun, leave pizza orders behind.
    Thursday Morning Rides- 05:30 Putney/ Regents for alternative weeks surrey/ Laps of Regents.
    Saturday- at pace/ 'skills' session.
    Sunday- club run.
    How's that all sound?

    Ps- I'll be out Friday morning from Putney, aiming to be back in commuterville before 8- I take no responsibility for these first two in terms of timing because I won't have tested the route beforehand.

  • Your Tuesday evening runs are tiny bit early for me (nominally finish work at 6, PS by 6:30). Otherwise, good.

  • Also- slackers if you're free for a little spin tomorrow morning I'll be heading off somewhere for 50ish miles at around 10.
    Work starts Tuesday for me and I have no idea of what timings that will require- so 6:30 probably works.

  • Last minute Notice for a club-paced (18mph) ride to the Blue Egg cafe on Bank Holiday Monday.

    Is there a thread for this?

  • No thread. Probably not a bad idea.

  • Do you have a route ? mine is 175 K https://www.strava.com/routes/667486

    This route meeting at LMNH at fish may be good https://www.strava.com/local/uk/london/c­ycling/routes/123

  • Just contemplating logistics...
    Or rather, debating whether I can actually fit that distance in that day.
    This is my route- but I've not been there ever...

  • I will post a thread up tonight with confirmed plan but regardless it will be an 08:30 start, from the Look Mum No Hands on Old Street, going east for somewhere north of 80 miles.

  • Last minute Notice for a club-paced (18mph) ride to the Blue Egg cafe on Bank Holiday Monday.

    Most likely in for this; did we say 8:30 Putney? I did the great escape audax last weekend I'll have a look at the blue egg route as well; why not back via Epping new road instead of Chigwell?

  • 0830 at LMNH- see event:
    Needs an earlier start, due to timings.

  • Good to see it's happening again, but 5:30am is too early, 100 miles is too far, South London meets are not for me. Might be up for a Saturday ride, as long as it's not too far, I'm racing on Sunday.

  • 5:31 then. Be good to have you along whenever dimi.

  • I dunno, his instagram suggests he's not exactly a paid up member of #fatclub, things could be a bit painful.

  • I maybe up for early weekday rides out to Surrey in a few weeks, and maybe for Blue Egg on bank hol monday.

    I have work coming out of every orifice at the moment and I've not had a chance to even look at my bilke (bar my beater / commuter) so will give this proper though on Friday afternoon when it has calmed down.

    Fucking hate work imposing on fun.

  • June Schedule is up. Its mostly Sundays.

  • Just discovered Hertfordshire today. Watch this space for some "Gravé*"action

    *what a stupid word.

  • Anyone fancy some early morning Regent's laps next Wednesday/Thursday?

  • What time is early?

  • Half 6/7? Get at least an hour in?

  • ^^^ Possibly, work depending...

  • Cool, I'll suggest something more solid when I know my plans. Most likely on Thursday.

  • I cbf anymore with organising anymore rides.
    Good luck to those racing wherever that may be.
    I'll be doing rp laps as work takes priority from now on.

  • Thursday morning then? I'll be about Wednesday morning too, but I'll have a bag which is a pain to ride with.

  • Should be good, you fixed or geared? ( I don't trust my fixed's brake)

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LFGSS Summer Training Conversation thread

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