2015-06-06 Jupiter London Nocturne

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  • Not sure, last year a few people congregated in the small park area north of Giltspur St /opposite the starting line then headed to the corner towards Farringdon Road so that might be a spot to aim for. As @eyebrows already mentioned, it might be busier but not sure what time it picks up

  • Thanks for the tip off dude. Reckon i''ll loiter around that area and see if I spy any LFGSS paraphernalia.

    I won't be able to check this thread as my phone has no interwebz at the mo, so if a congregation forms elsewhere and a good Samaritan fancies helping out a lonely forumunger, text me on 07525 931504. Or I'll have to hoover too much K Cider and cry myself to sleep on a park bench

  • Meeting in same park as last years bike pile?

  • I see forum caps circeling

  • Looks unlikely for us atm, Chloe is pretty bushed after the ride to Windsor and it was enough of a win that I don't want to push it.... Will see though, may pop up for final race.

  • I see forum caps circling

  • I've wandered round a couple of times, no major forum presence yet.

  • on way, gonna also circle a little after costing the Old Red Cow for a loosener, 😉

  • Had to dash to be elsewhere. The races I saw were ace and was nice to hang out with a few peeps.enjoy the rest of the night!

  • Pleasure to meet you mate!

    Was lovely seeing everything is evening, sorry I didn't stay long as I had to go back to home to do some uni work. Will have to see everyone again once this is over.

    Hope everyone enjoys this lovely evening! =)

  • All the races sucked..

  • Big forum turnout.

    More Photos Here

  • Job done, I am going through my photos today so will post a link later.

  • A few pics here:

  • Great pics @oat44.

    Thanks for the yells everyone.

  • The guy with the pint on the penny..

  • He was a hero!

  • He was quite keen to share too...

  • Got me on my minute off! Nice pics, hope you all had a good day! PS were you at The Hour yesterday?

  • Who's pack of 'Amber Leaf' rolling tobacco did Kris manage to go home with?
    PM me if you want it back.

  • Two years in the Folding Bike Race and two DNF's. I'm cursed. Got a great start in Heat 1 before the cassette imploded half way round Lap 1. There was very nearly a Riis-esque bike-throwing incident at the bottom of the little loop..

    Maybe I should go for the Penny Farthing race instead - less to go wrong mechanically…

  • Someone was selling a Penny Farthing at the Nocturne. Plus you can have a beer whilst riding, go for it!

  • Couple of famous faces in this short vid.

    (And some non-forum celebrities as well…)


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2015-06-06 Jupiter London Nocturne

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