The Look family - Look KG196 & KG381

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  • Purely weight, size and potentially nicer material but this is subjective as this is 90’s vs today’s R&D. Especially with how good UN55 is atm.

  • Unfortunately note, was searching for this and only a small company still make 103mm. The smallest UN-55 is 107.

  • Have to keep it OG as much as I can before I upgrade it to DA9000

  • Looking very cool as I came past today. Goes well with the winsuit, too!

  • Was that you who DAS me?

  • Bike is working fine as it is atm after a year of abuse of Kent and Surrey lanes.

    However the spinergy Rev x freehub is a little worse for wear. I’ve been reading and researching servicing/parts and from I gather potentially an old shimano 8 speed freehub can be a decent replacement.

    Has anyone done this yet?

  • I have. It's super easy. If I recall correctly you need a Shimano 600 freehub. I was under the impression it isn't a decent replacement, but actually the same thing Spinergy used.

  • Thanks, I had the same thought of this too.­2-8-1174.pdf

    Looks like it is the original like for like (ish) is the ultegra 600 (6402) version which I believe is the version you are talking about to maintain the 8 speed. This would be ideal but so far there are not much of them around.

    Therefor a happy medium (if there is such a thing for Spinergy wheels) after some more researching on the web looks like FH M750/M760 will be able to do the job and with this freehub the dust cap for the freehub is integrated within the body, so win-win?­0-2265.pdf

    Ordered the freehub body and hopefully it will be sorted by the end of the week.

  • I doubt you will find a spare 600 freehub, but finding a 600 hub in good condition shouldn't be to difficult. It is 8-speed, but you can find anything between 8 to 10 speed on it and with the right lock ring also 11 speed.

  • Update for the KG196:

    So been riding this bike as my weekend and regent parks best bike (mainly because I only have this, track or Brompton) but aside from the gearing ratio and ride comfort downside of the bike, the biggest issue was the wheelset, yes I wanted period so went with Mavic Cosmic Gen1 (form over function) and really quickly noticed this was the biggest performance issue on this bike.

    So I have been debating if I should get a new modern wheelset or something period, which eventually the outcome was a mixture of both, as I wanted to experiment to have shallower rims to have that retro vibe and offset the frameset.

    Hub was easily the most straight (and expensive) comment for this upgrade as I wanted not only the NOS of 7400 series hubs but more importantly a perfect or near perfect condition DA skewers that has not been damaged or rusted away.

    Problem with these hub was that it came with uniglide freehub and didn’t have or willing to pay for a uniglide cassette either. So decided to make it future proof making them hyperglide was the only logical option. (Another painful part to get)

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  • Hands down these are one of the best wheelset I’ve owned.

    Martin from Arkane has made these amazing retro looking wheelset. From the photos you cannot see but these are 25mm wide and I’m currently using a 23mm tyre on them for aero benefits but I was actually more worried 25mm tyres wouldn’t fit between the frame.

    I wanted 18h but Martin told me it’s a silly idea and I’m glad I took his advice as they feel robust with all 36h laced but the best part of these wheels is the braking. It feels like it’s a modern bike with these wheelset and there is no comparison with the Mavic Cosmics in terms of overall performance and someone would argue aesthetic as well.

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  • Looks good! What are the rims?

  • Forum favourite has just got better!

  • box section yessss

  • Kinlin ADHN?

  • V smart

  • Looks like them. Though I thought it they supposedly to be 25mm, but 23mm is much improved from 17mm originally from the Mavic Cosmic.

  • Rode this 200km today on this and it’s like riding a magic carpet compared the old bike.

  • Ta sir! Initially I thought the shallow rims wouldn’t suit the frame, but there is something sexy with narrow rims on vintage bikes. It’s somehow goes hand in hand! 🙌

  • 100%. It's got the right balance for sure.

    Really need a nice set of those STI's for a build, got any leads by any chance?

  • Usually eBay would be the place to go. Unfortunately it comes a premium with Nos or excellent condition…

  • Those wheels look so good, nice work!

  • Clean af

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The Look family - Look KG196 & KG381

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