The Look family - Look KG196 & KG381

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  • Think I saw both these bike in the flesh yesterday, Rapha Soho - looked amazing!

  • Spotted! XD

  • Whoop didn't see this, amazing weight to £ ratio deal.

    Granted now thinking about it probably best I would get wider rims for my brother tbh.

  • Wider rims and corresponding larger volume tyres might cause clearance issues?

  • Not an issue, as it currently has 25mm running on the bike currently.

  • C17s aren’t narrow. Granted, they aren’t wide wide, but for a 25mm tyre, for that price, for that weight, for that (apparent) ride quality. I’d get ‘em.

  • IMO Ho I'd replace your bro's fork. It's an older fork with a cracked steerer, if it goes it's gonna be catastrophic. Replacement forks have got to be out there and prob aren't that pricey, put a bit of internet legwork in and save your brother's front teeth

  • This ^

    It's not going to conveniently warn you when it's about to fail

  • I’d sell you the forks from mine (with the frame included!) as it’s not getting used and I’ve built something else... let me know if of interest­34/?offset=100#comment15286024

  • Why haven't you finished this yet mate?

  • Pretty much got all the parts for overhaul. Just going to keep on riding the bike as it is for now and probably upgrade it next year when I hope I can take the bike to Taiwan.

  • Does this mean.....S+S couplers are on the way?!!!!!!?! Yes mate!

  • Stunning @HoKe.
    Do you happen to have a RAL or other colour code for the Cobalt Blue paint used? Thank you

  • I know @fox has got a new set of tubeless veloflex now, will hear his feedback from them in terms of if they're any good.

    Sorry missed the @ at the time. They're really good. I've done about 350 miles on them now and they're comfortable, grippy and work really well tubeless. No cuts I've noticed so far either.

    I did have a problem with them going flat quickly, but it turned out to be the Milkit valves that came with my DT Swiss wheels. I replaced those the other week with Mucoff ones and they were instantly better.

    Changing the valves meant having to unmount the tyres so I've fitted them twice in effect now. It's actually best to fit them without sealant - pop a tube in, pump up hard, loosen the bead on one side and take the tube out, then put a bit of washing up liquid bubbles around the rim/bead.

    When I've done this they've never failed to quickly start holding air with a track pump and I can get them up to 100psi without sealant no problem, then add sealant when they're fully mounted. Or do it like the pro teams and don't add sealant at all, they'd be good for that...

  • Some marginal gains/tweaks to the KG196 bike.

    Finally after months of searching on eBay I finally brought a reasonably priced DA 7410 crankset (170mm) granted the inner chainring was a 9 speed and they came with different chainring bolts.

    However, whilst replacing this chainset I noticed the DA7410 BB was fairy rough and not buttery smooth anymore. Anyone had experience in servicing an old BB. There is the sunrace bb (68x103) as a replacement but i feel this might be a downgrade or is it perfectly fine and I’m just being native because it doesn’t say DA or Shimano on it?

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  • Perfectly fine - you sure 103mm axle? Otherwise a 107mm UN55 would also do the job and bombproof 👍🏻

  • Fairplay - I doubt you can service a sealed cartridge BB so bin it and get another one I guess?

  • Trouble with this idea is there isn’t a lot of options out for 68x103

    Going to my LBS if they can save this BB, but worse case would be getting a sunrace version for now and hopefully a decent NSO DA7410 bb shows up. 😅

  • google showed up a few threads where folks used a 107mm UN55 and it didn't cause major issues...

  • Really? As you probably guess I’m terrible with mechanics.

    Would 4mm cause any issues with Q factor or misalignment of shifting with the chain?

  • You’re detail oriented though? (Aren’t you an architect? I am too) It’s 2mm each side, if you adjust the mechs it’ll be fine 👍🏻

  • Ha, yes the cruse of the motto 'the strive for perfection' in our field. (for me anyways)

    Sorry was confused with spliting the 4mm in half, makes sense and as I have that BB on my brompton too it working perfectly fine on my daily commute.

  • These any good? Sorry only know the big names when it comes to BB.

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The Look family - Look KG196 & KG381

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