The Look family - Look KG196 & KG381

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  • ok i've been tempted back

    yes gp5000 is the best... however tubeless is an epic pain in the arse requiring annual removal and retaping.

    like others i think that DA9000 would look better on a modern bike, but it'll still be fun to see how this turns out.

  • @TheArchitect I'm running GP5000TL, getting them on for the first time was a right pain (on DT411), no other issues to report of yet. Happy with how they roll in general. Don't think retaping is necessary if you're running a mild sealant and tape was fitted well in the first place. Bontrager tubeless rim strip is also an option if it works with your rim bed.

  • @HoKe Those dulight Ti speedplays may be on-order only, they do have the Axles/bowties in stock.

  • @HoKe "I know that bike!"

    Looking good dude.

  • Ha! Thanks! Sorry for the poor pace, was teaching a mate to ride around Kent lanes so couldn’t push the bike limit at all today 😅

    Spotted @Hovis this morning too!

  • Brother’s KG381 modern overhaul with modern parts. I must say I’m not too keen on the black parts, the sliver bits before does add a little different dimensions to it.

    Oh well, brother seems happy with the bike. Plus will be glad to finally get back down to two and a half bikes in the flat.

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  • Groupset does shift nicely too, plus fresh bar tape always makes the bike feel and look fresh IMO.

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  • Also got the silly bottle cage mounts finally sorted too.

    Plus after so many years I got my brother to finally ride clip in shoes and dang is he fast!

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  • Zing 👌 that looks real nice, even like the cranks on that frame 👍🏻👍🏻

  • love what you've done with it, hope your bro enjoys it as much as I did

  • That’s a great looking bike. I think the black looks better. Hate that seatpost, but other than that -
    would ride. Got me hankering for a lugged carbon frame from the same period, now!

  • I think it looks fantastic, and I bet it's real fast.

  • So good!! Had one of these a few years ago. One I wish I’d kept

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  • Well done! Have you weighed it by any chance?

  • Simple overhaul, at least everything matches now with the french-Italian theme.

    Personally if i riding/keeping this bike i would have gone super record.

  • He does say he is more aggressive but also a lot most more faster and responsive too compared to what it was before in terms of shifting and braking.

  • Did you get the fork fixed? It looked dangerously damaged

  • I do go on and there are some lovely bikes over there in state side, I'm sure you can pick up one quite easily.

    Seatpost is definitely subjective. But with 25mm seatpost the options are very limited, plus nice to have matchy matchy for this period of bike too.

  • Would be if they he is running latex tubes.

  • Nice! Look clean and fresh. Was that a 56cm?

  • Much lighter than my 11kg 196, probably around 8kg at it's current build.

  • Forks steerer will have to moinitor. How i see it the crack is vertical and not horizontal so it's not much of an issue.

    I've emailed all the carbon repair shops and they said they cannot repair it or it's not economically to repair and probably best to replace it for like for like.

    I've got the oval concept fork by standby incase anything happens though for dem aero gains...

  • Not too bad and still room for improvement with a lighter wheelset. As for the fork steerer, stick a broom stick in it, old-school belgian style ;) (not a serious suggestion).

  • Yeah, but for the moment I do like the matchy French and Italian theme. If I was to upgrade would like to get some of falcrum racing zero nite or the modern shamal. (Granted not really lightweight)

    I’ll check it again in a couple of months to see the damage. Obviously let’s hope for none shall we.

  • Just buy Zonda’s. Insanely good bang for your buck. Shamal’s are like twice as much for 64g weight saving and a stiffer, less comfortable ride.

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The Look family - Look KG196 & KG381

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