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  • Insane bike. Keep it OG with those Cosmics - if you want to do modern though I agree with everyone on 9000!

    Not sure what everyone’s problem is with you having it repaired is. It’s like buying a used car and having a touch of rust sorted out. Good shout. Also I completely get the classic bike for the Sunday cafe run.. couldn’t have picked better myself :)

  • Cheers, the idea is to keep it retro as possible before I regret/hate everything made during the early 90’s and then upgrade the parts accordingly. Will try to keep the theme as much as French/Japanese as possible.

  • Minor update:

    Purchased some more parts for the build/overhaul.

    Cassette: 8 speed HG50 (13-26)
    Chain: 8 speed chain
    Front mech: 7410 (just to match the front chain set)
    Handlebars: Nitto M106 38cm (big rep for @LeMesjeu for these)

    Wanted to get a old school DA cassette, they are 100grams lighter but consider the weight of the frame and the cost of these cassette on eBay it was a no brainier to get a cassette for less than £20 instead of £200.

    In the meantime the frame with with Carbon Repair Bicycle.

    They agreed it was a crack but it’s ‘normal’ for this period of frame and in time it will get worse. But I decided to get this mended for piece of mind when riding and it will be nice to get the drive side issues sorted before the rebuild.

    Lead time would be anything up to a month due to the paint shop apparently is jammed packed and has a longer leading time compared to the repair side of the shop.

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  • the idea is to keep it (as) retro as possible

    Handlebars: Nitto M106 38cm

    You're already contradicting yourself ;-)

    (for the record I love Nitto compact bars)

  • Hopefully the bar tape will cover up the logo, also from what i can see on the internet there doesn't seem to be alot of 26mm handlebars that looks nice or french.

  • Good call on getting the "minor" marks sorted. If I was spending this sort of money on a best bike it's what I would have done.

  • Glad you like them and they arrived fine.
    As you can see from the bag around the bars I went for the Nitto B105 bars in the end but had to shim them to 26mm to fit the 7400 DA stem.

  • I think that Nitto typeface does not look out of place on this bike. If you're bothered by it, paint stripper (the gooey gel kind) should strip them of without affecting the finish. Bar tape up to the stem clamp is a bit naff IMO.

  • Thanks, hopefully it will make me appreciate road cycling again.

  • They’re in amazing condition, thank you again!

    (Definitely the right call to have silver bars over the black ones).

  • Nah, will keep the Nitto logo they look really cool.

    I think because of my track background I like it when the tape goes to the end like Wiggos old road and track bike.

  • Speaking of handlebars, I did pick up some nice Fizik temp (soft touch) tape this afternoon and the only thing I’m missing is the tyres.

    Personal experience and preference I do like riding Schwalbe one. The question is to gumwall or not to gumwall? 🧐

  • Get a grip of yourself. There’s no question.

  • The only issue I see is that making theM gumwall would make it visually a tad ‘modern’ no?

  • Black is more modern than gumwall, I’d say

  • Sold! Thanks big man! 😊

  • Hi,
    Are you still looking for that little part ?
    I've printed one for me, I can print another one or send you the stl file

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  • Oh that would be amazing if you could!

  • If everything goes according to plan, the bike will be ready next weekend to ride on it’s maiden voyage on Sunday (pending weather)

    Parts have been collected over the couple of months, only just missing tyres and tubes. (I think/hope) But everything should be ready for next weekend rebuild/test run.

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  • Which cafe?

  • Four Boroughs in CP.

  • Has best wall art.

  • This, plus lanes around the corner as well.

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Hoadiedouchebag - Look KG196

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