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  • Spinergy such a nice idea.

    It was nice knowing you

  • If I remember correctly it's a FD-7403, will check tonight after work. I also have a 380mm Nitto M106NAS that have not been ridden but have installation marks on them, as I couldn't get them through the 7400 stem. You can have both for the "lfgss price" as I do not plan on using them anytime soon.

    Totally agree on silver parts and 9000, have the 7400 finishing kit paired with 9000 on my 979 and it's great.

  • Yes! Definitely all about adding more excitement and danger to every ride.

  • That Vitus is lush, lighting on point!

  • I had a cracking life.

  • irreplaceable

  • Oh amazing, do you have a picture of the Nitto bars? Also what colour?

    Amazing bike btw.

  • So the bike has been stripped and delivered to Carbon Bike Repair UK.

    I know people have their opinion about carbon repair and I agreed if it just a scratch I would have used resins to repair it. But as this an artist project to ‘strive for perfection’ I would like to get this as perfect as it can be.

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    • A5BDA55E-FD7F-415A-9DBA-4E3DF84CF0D5.jpeg
  • Some of the minor issues on the bike.

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  • But the main reason why I want this get the bike repair and looked at is due to the fact when I was disassembling the bike I noticed this hairline crack mark on the rear stay where possibly the aluminium and carbon meets and I would like to know if this was a crack from the frame or the paint job. (Which from past experience it looks like it’s more the later)

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  • Hopefully it will be back with me in 2-3 weeks. During this period I’ve should be able to get some of the final parts for the complete rebuild.

    Just missing the front mech, 8 speed cassette and chain.

  • My KG121 had those hairline cracks too. It's just where the aluminium dropout meets the carbon. No harm should come of it I reckon. Nice frame. Looking forward to seeing this come together.

  • This was my thought exactly, but with my track record there is no harm in double checking if there is any additional issues around that area.

  • Another day and another box arrived (pay day can’t come any sooner)

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  • I do like the vintage White Industries on Mavic rims with tubs on them, but I am also a sucker for deep(ish) section wheels too...

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  • Anyone knows where could you buy or knows to have spare these missing ‘adjustable bolt bushing’?

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    • C7D88A88-3026-4C4C-B6DB-88B22FBD2B27.jpeg
  • EBay but not cheap

  • For the bushing or the whole brakeset?

  • There's both re pair kit and complete brakeset .I would go the latter

  • Is that the plastic piece you have in one of the brakes? Couldn't you get another 3D printed?

  • That would probably cost more than buying a brake for spare parts.

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Hoadiedouchebag - Look KG196

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