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  • So you got the old frame fixed, and bought a new one?
    What did you do with the repaired frame?

  • Subscribed for lols.

  • Simply put it yes.

    I know people are probably think I'm mad, (and I probably agree) but I think since working and relating to 'striving for perfection' I didn't like the idea I had a damage frameset so hence why this was a good opportunity to start all over again and it will hopefully be a good learning curve for me to understand road bikes.

    Atm, the current bike is my only bike I have so using everyday before the All-city nature boy disc comes along and then I'll give it a service before selling it.

  • Surprised there are no bets yet for this one to crack too.

  • I can't remember who won the last bet.

  • Well it was pretty much within 3 months, you and Apollo was pretty close! =/

  • The aim is basically to make it look fast

    Then the first thing you want to do is ditch the spacers and cut the steerer.

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  • So a quick updated:

    CK crabon Wheelset are built and are apparently on it's way from mainland china (hopefully custom charge won't get me, but I'm not holding my breath)

    In the meantime also ordered Chainset, handlebars, chain and BB and all should in theory be arriving next week. Will post pictures once I get my hands on them.


  • Can you get the new integrated canyon stem bar combo?

  • I don't think Canyon sells them yet.

  • Shame. Ideal as they look fast!
    With your build list, its done no?

  • Pretty much so, just missing a few bits and the DA di2 which will have to come out from next months pay. Coming along. Nicely, as I need this bike ready to ride by the end of June for the sportive Coast to Coast

  • Ah, love all in builds like this.
    Looking forward to seeing it roll into SE's.
    Always stayed away from the latex tubes with carbon clinchers. Not through experience but through trawling WW type threads advising against it.
    What size do you ride and did you sell the broken then fixed frame?

  • Thanks, hopefully it will be ready before the end of June and I can give it a test ride before I give it's maiden sportive.

    I was actually thinking of getting some Continental supersonic tubes (weenie weight), but if people been saying that it's not a good idea then probably will pass on that and get some Continental Race 28 Light instead to be on the safe side.

    I ride a small (which is Canyon term is roughly a 54cm):Ā­es/ultimate-cf-slx.html

    At the moment I haven't sold it yet, as the All-city nature boy disc still bike hasn't arrived yet so still using it for my 'beater' atm ;)

  • You can get a lighter wheel (Novatec Sprint) for not a lots.

  • I know, but the idea of owning a pair Chris King was too tempting to resist, even they do weigh a lot more than Novatec hubs, I'm a sucker for bling unfortunately. Form over Function.

  • Plus this will a Sunday's best bike so it will have to look the part as well.

  • I have to agree. My Novatecs do look a bit cheap.

    I saw this canyon in cadence yesterday. Glad you decided to go rotor. The chrome and gloss black DA looks rubbish on a matt black frame

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  • Yeah, this bike was still there today.

    I said it before I'll say it again 'It's all about looking fast'

  • Where'd you get the low stack headset cover from? Is it an acros one?

  • Glad you decided to go rotor. The chrome and gloss black DA looks rubbish on a matt black frame

  • Sorry I don't really know what you mean, you mean stem headset plug from Canyon?

  • I haven't really seen many slammed canyon's around, so i was wondering if they sent that headset cover with the bike or did you have to buy it separately?

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The Look family - Look KG196 &KG381

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