The Look family - Look KG196, KG381 & 695 Aerolight

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  • So after many months of contemplating I’ve decided to rebuild my Canyon (or now known with me spreading its new rep ‘Crackyon’) CF SLX, there is nothing wrong with the current set up that came out of the box, but for me personally it never gave me that excitement to get on it to ride like it did with my V-Drome. This is probably why I want to make this bike more special in its own right and use for only special (and dry) occasion and not use it for my daily commuter ‘beater’. (All-city nature boy disc will be doing this job once it arrives)

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  • As most of you guys know, I got my bike damage a couple of months back from someone in Shoreditch trying to nick it and instead it just got the seat stay damage and I have to get London Carbon Repair to mend it, which is imperfection has been playing on my mind. Hence why I asked Canyon to get a replacement frameset to start all over again.

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  • In hindsight I probably should have done this in the first place (built the bike from scratch not damage the bike) I know will probably be more expensive, but hopefully it will be more unique to my liking and I always had this theory that when you’re riding and you look at your reflection on a building whilst you’re riding it should bring a smile to your face, and for whatever reason this current bike just doesn’t do that.

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  • The aim is basically to make it look fast (as I am a fat old fart these day looking fast is more important that going fast in my book) and if possible dive into the weight weenie side of things to make it light as possible.

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  • Here is a rough guideline sheedsheet on the final outcome:

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  • Here are some parts that I've already obtained the past couple of months:

    TRP R979 EQ Brakes

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  • Fizik Antares Braided carbon:

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  • and if possible dive into the weight weenie side of things to make it light as possible.

    Prepare yourself, Hoke :-)

  • Hopefully wheelset and chainset will come before the end of the month

  • I'm more concern with all the crack puns ;)

  • wait is this what they call 'student budget'? ;)

    Deep section wheels and Di2 ≠ weenie

    I'd stay DA for cranks; much more advanced engineering/design than Rotor. Wanted to say same about the brakes but you've already got them. Plus they pop up on gram and tumblr more than Rotor these days.

    Pedals; if you havent got em get the cheap speedplays on ebay and swap axle to Ti.

    How about mega light Ryde pulse wheelset with Bitex/BHS hubs and then deep section for windy days :P

    And latex tubes.

  • 'Work hard play hard' ;)

    I can easily make it under 6kg, but as I said rather make it 'Look fast' first then worry about the weight side.

    For the DA cranks, I can never get my head around the way they look and much prefer the aesthetics of the Rotor 3D+ (just a personal preference)

    For the wheelset I went for these mainly for the hub and the wider rim profile, which a lot wheel builders recommends.

  • +1 on the latex tube, any good recommendation?

  • These:­nner-tube/

    Not sure how they hold up with carbon clinchers though.

  • ngl I thought the spread sheet was a price list at first

    also I think 'all-day nature boy' is the kid at school that plays around with worms in break time and 'all-city nature boy' is a bike :)

    but I'm sure its gonna look epic

  • Assume canyon didn't replace for free??
    Liking the look of this so far.

  • LOL! Sorry that's my bad!

    Should have really put the weight at the top of the sheet, oh well.

    Epic fail already! ;)

  • Unfortunately not.

    But got it on a 'Crash Warranty' benefit price so didn't pay full price. So hence why I given them another chance to make something more 'bling' ;)

  • 50mmx25mm crabon clincher with CK R45 just ordered via aliexpress, hopefully it will be here within a week!

    $$$$$$$ =/

  • that sure is a detailed spreadsheet you've got their @HoKe .....

  • Big troll! Thanks for @TheArchitect for providing the spreadsheet, (with minor tweaks of course) ;)

  • not wishing to be a pedant, but my Antares 00 weighed in at a porky 135g

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  • Yes 'yours'...

    Anyways, Yes miscalculation the saddle in theory should be 145g

  • you can buy it back for 150 quid (mates rates)

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The Look family - Look KG196, KG381 & 695 Aerolight

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