(another) touring bike on a budget

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  • That sucks!
    Good work fixing it up and carrying on. Adds to the story.

  • Don't know if this is any help given that you might need a new frame, but one saddle-possibility that you should consider is getting a Brooks Team Pro with custom extra large cut-out. I can't find the link to where I bough mine (great guy in Holland), but PM if you're interested, and I'll dig it up.

  • I'm now riding with a brooks b17 imperial. I still can't say I love it but it feels pretty good.

  • Already 6 weeks on the road and it's great. Crossed the Pyrenees by riding the col du soulor, col the aubisque and the portalet. Really tough with all the luggage but very beautiful. The weld is still holding up, no problems other than a broken spoke on the cassette side but got that fixed for only 10 euros at a lawnmower/bicycleshop.

  • lawnmower/bicycleshop.

    Good old lawnmower/bicycleshop!

    You're living the dream dude.

  • Can we see pics of the weld?

  • Good old Batavus must have the highest km-per-euro ratio of the forum? Nice work :) And yeah, show us the scars.

  • Sure!

  • The tie-wraps are there to hold it in place in case it might break again. And yeah I like the idea that this bike did only cost me about 350 euro and I'm now riding with it in Spain hehe.

  • What a glorious repair. Awesome.

  • This earlier picture looks a bit more ominous now:

  • No rust at all around the crack though!

  • I broke another spoke in the rear wheel:( the bike mechanic says the rim is bent and I need a new wheel. It's a 32 spoke wheel and it had a wobble of about 8mm after breaking the spoke, is that unusual? And does that mean the rim is fucked?
    When I picked up the wheels I assumed that they were 36h so I didn't check... Bit stupid because I weight about 190 pounds. Would have been a disaster when I had used a rear rack and panniers as well. Only good thing is that it happened in the middle of Valencia.

  • Love this thread! I don't think your rim is fucked just by going out of true 8 mm but maybe check spoke tension generally?

  • Haha thanks. The bike mechanic changed his mind after seeing that the wheel was true again after installing the one spoke..

  • I can post some pictures of the roads in Spain if anyone is interested? It's really nice, way more interesting than France imo

  • Do it!

  • I know I should probably make a thread in the touring part of the forum but I'm not that much of a writer so I'm just gonna put some pictures of my trip in this thread. I flew home last week from my 11 week trip. I didn't really have a plan when I left home but I ended on the south coast of Spain in Malaga and rode about 3000km (didn't have a speedometer or gps so I don't know it exactly).
    The trip was so good, already feel sad when I look at the pictures...
    So here are some pictures;)
    This is the only riding picture I have. I always rode alone and this was already pretty hard with the 10 sec timer on my camera haha.
    In France, heading towards the Pyrenees.
    Riding through the Pyrenees, so beautiful.
    I have shitloads of these kind of pictures from Spain, such a cool country to ride through.
    This day I was so tired that I couldn't ride my bike uphill any more and I ended up pushing it, pitched my tent the first opportunity I had. I was at a really high altitude and was freezing cold at night, really nice view though (the picture doesn't do it justice)

    And since this is a current project thread:

    nds fail

    I basically run a 1x9 setup. I had two chainrings, 34 and 39t. Used the 39t till the middle of france or so and then switched to the 34t when the hills began.
    Next trip I might go for a bike with 26'' tyres so I can run fatter tires and don't have to worry (that much) about breaking spokes.

  • Siiiiick!
    I'm loving the simplicity of this ride. No GPS, no fancy tech. You basically just got on your bike and rode off.

  • I'm loving this thread, cool bike build and cool adventures.

  • I have the plan to go touring New Zealand at the and of this year, so I was thinking about what bike to use. I was thinking about buying a Velo Orange Piolet but the frameset only is already more than 700 Euro..
    And then another Batavus frame popped up, exactly the same size as my previous one and slighly newer, it was only 30 Euro so I really couldn't resist.
    Swapped over the parts and bought some new tyres and here it is:

    Things to do:
    -New rear wheel, this one had 32 no-name spokes and I don't want to break them anymore, so I want to buy/build a 36h rear wheel with Dt Swiss Competion spokes. Any suggestions?
    -Think about buying a rear rack
    -New brakes
    -New bar tape, black or maybe camo?
    -Install front derailleur and shifter

  • I arrived in Vietnam a few days ago, just spend the morning cycling through Hanoi. The traffic is insane and the air pollution so bad but I had a lot of fun. (Excuse the shitty phone pics)

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(another) touring bike on a budget

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