• Gonna feel out the HED/Total-Fitness, as the HED-ProAM has crazy flex issues. Got 10 meters down the road this morning and turned back to put the Polish resin spok back on.

    Gonna take it back before I consider filling the HED with expanding foam...!

  • Haven’t had a look at the other disc yet, but...

    Who wants to buy the Zipp 3000 front trispoke? What’s it worth? @BigH any ideas?

    Doubt i’ll use it. Might keep the Corima for posing. If anyone is super-light I could sell the disc rather than swap it too.

  • Depending on condition I would say around £200-300, haven’t seen one for sale in a while tho

  • Cool cool. Could only find one at £500 on ebay which seemed crazy.

    If it’s not gonna score too much I can always keep it. Probably the difficulty is finding the right buyer.

  • Probably hasn’t seen use in a while either.

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  • Just out of interest, what do FIR carbon 6 spokes and Mavic G3 (650) go for these days?

  • Just out of interest, what do FIR carbon 6 spokes and Mavic G3 (650) go for these days?

    Cheers, Jon

  • Fiiiiinally got around to taking back the HED-ProAM and grabbing this convertible freewheel clincher HED. So far so good.

    After all of that, I realised the rubbing noise was probably the garmin speed/cadence sensor hitting the other wheel...!

    Anyway, noisy freewheel and otherwise silky feel

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  • I think I saw a fir 6 spoke sell for around £300 somewhere late last year, mavic 3g for around £200-350 depending on how well it was listed and if hipster tax was paid

  • Cheers BigH. Seller doesn't seem to be in a hurry.

  • the F.I.R 6 spokes had a fragile section above the valve hole circle, if its missing i'd factor that in.

  • Yes looking at pics it seems to be incredibly thin by design.

  • I'm building up a lo pro over the winter to race a few TT's on next year.
    The Chesini frame I have has 126mm rear spacing. Did anyone make a disc with a hub that size back in the mid 80's?

  • My HED is 126mm. Any of the Russian discs with solid axles (Juna etc) can be spaced to whatever you want.

  • Cheers Jonny. I'll get looking

  • So what will a FIR disc rush me for? (Presuming I can find one)

  • Is anyone looking for a road clincher disc? I've got a Spengle Aura disc that I need to get rid of. Photos to come tomorrow in natural daylight or can try get some tonight if anyones interested.

  • Interested, PMed

  • Still got this for sale.. I've been told its 10 speed. If anyone happens to be interested I will do them a good price for cash on collection.

    More photos here -


  • Any track riders seeking a front disc, I have a navigator front disc wheel for sale (£400):

    Navigator front track disc wheel in good condition with Dugast tub (which probably still has a few rides left in it).

    I don't want to post this, so collection from Bristol area, would be happy to drive a little distance for a little fuel money.

  • I have a rear hed track disc wheel which has a surly fixer, good for up to 130mm drop outs


  • It’s ratty Russian disc weather

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General Disc Radness (formerly disc wheel valuation thread)

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