General Disc Radness (formerly disc wheel valuation thread)

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  • EDIT:
    We are probably doing ourselves out of a good deal by posting some of this stuff, but it's good to keep an idea of sold prices, and availability. I really want a disc wheel but some prices are insane. Please help catalogue some of the options, I'm not sure if there's equivalent velobase info?


    So modern/nice disc wheels are in the hundreds even at a budget level, but something like the ambrosio that I'm being outbid on in ratty condition might still command more than it's worth.

    For a usable but cosmetically ugly disc wheel, what kind of budget do I need?

    I'm thinking of a true/solid/safe one to put on the Kuota, so it would end up sprayed black if it's not already, but they seem difficult to come across since some of you guys are hoarding ;)

    How much for a vintage one?

    Any aliexpress ideas?

  • sub, would like to know market price myself, current mavic,

    a mavic comete and 3g track combo made over $1200 dollars recently, chinese options seem to be around 4-5oo quid, so would be interested to find out what quality is
    there is a modern corima disc set
    navigator at dolan seems a decent option

  • DIY disc wheel covers are on offer at £40 + tenner postage.
    Aerosports disc ended £200 one bidder.
    Ambrosio Record disc in ratty condition ended £90 + £12 postage.

  • I have an old HED disc. It's a little scruffy with a few dings but is intact and runs true. Any idea of its value?

  • Interested? Might be willing to let it go at a reasonable price.
    Well used but true.

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  • Be good to work out its age, and see full condition. Had a look on ebay and one sold for about £100, and others up to £200. But, they all looked different so are probably different vintages. That's a really old sticker I think?

  • I have no idea of its age as it came on a bike I just bought.
    They still make them like this with a spoked wheel with bonded carbon covers. Was thinking maybe £140?
    Would come as is with tub and 15 tooth sprocket.

  • Hmm maybe.

    Someone sold one here­pic.php?f=25&t=74421 for AU$180, roughly £100.
    Recently another sold here­um.cgi?post=3784157 at only US$100.

  • I think thats a fair price /\ bought mine for a bit more but its clincher and has added hipster tax due to @hippy maybe using it at some point?

    From what ive seen, sold and bought on ebay anything around £220 for a zipp 950 is a fair price. They appear sporadically but are worth it.

    Ambrosios in good condition shouldn't go for more than £160-180 due to more often than not being the flat disc versions. The lenticulars command a higher price (aero points etc.) as im pretty sure they are lighter than the flat wooden variation. NOS in box sold for something silly like £350 a few months back, collectors item more than to be used I would think. Both wheels above tend to have double sided hubs track/fixed.

    Something rarer like the FIR halley, sell for around £250-80 but only really if they are the track versions, the road ones arn't worth more than £200 I dont think.

    Campagnolo ghiblis etc. seem to go for around £400-500 depending again on condition. You might get lucky with someone in the UK selling one that they have stored somewhere and want to get rid of and dont want to send overseas so the final price would reflect that.

    If your lucky you can get a fluidisk 666 russian kevlar disc for abour £400-800 depeding on hipster tax and how badly the seller lists it.

    Theres more but I dont want to bore you with numbers figures etc.

    650c front discs dont tend to be worth much unless paired with the matching rear from what I have seen on a few places. £100-160 for rarer ones is the price that I have seen them go for in a few places.


  • For sure a fair price.

    Thanks for your info too @BigH

  • 24" front discs are too expensive unfortunately :/

  • not looking hard enough or in the right places ;-)

  • Mavic Comet ended on German ebay at €346

  • Cheap as chips... ish!

  • agreed, there is one in Calais region for 400 euro­htm?ca=1_s
    not sure @ that kind of money how well they would stand up on the track, compared to new (discounted) discs

  • 071 wants £110 + post from Poland for a FiR Halley System rear disc (freewheel)

  • discs finished 14 points up on the FTSE AIM today

  • The conservatives promise to cap hipster tax at 50%

  • Fluidisks and Ghiblis are lovely wheels but as BigH says, they're tricky to find especially in good condition and as original track wheels

    Found this NOS 26" front Campag Ghibli on eBay, worth following to see what it goes for whilst we are on about disc prices.

    A road rear Ghibli converted to track on the bay
    And a Khamsin rear for good measure also on eBay (seller thinks its a Ghibli...)

    This should so become the general disc wheel radness thread...

  • nearly $1k for that khamsin, are these prices reached by people buying for aesthetic uses or real deal track riding one asks oneself, buy the time you get a front, i'd rather get the navigator set

  • Those prices nearly gave me a nose bleed. Changed thread title, hopefully this thread can be useful to anyone after a disc.

    Since eventually ebay links die, is it worth screen grabbing or just typing some of the info like the prices asked/sold?

  • Im gonna start saving photos from ebay sales etc. to my comp and then uploading them to flickr or something. Then maybe do some research about them and write down here? If everyone adds links that would be good. Im watching that front campag one, just incase it goes for a reasonable price.. maybe?

  • Thats a good idea, possibly wishful thinking on the campy disc but who knows, good luck! I got my 650c ghibli used off here last summer for £265 posted I think it was, seemed fair to me. I remember seeing the zip 3000 wheels on eBay named as 'carbon wheels' or something daft, think you won them if I'm not mistaken didn't you?

    Good work with the thread title btw

  • There is a big market I think for collectors if the wheels are N0$$. I doubt real track riders will spend the moneys they go for on ebay, I would like to think they get pass me downs or know of someone selling one kinda thing.

    I would rather have the rear and hope the front appears at some point soon then none at all ;-)

  • Thats a good idea, possibly wishful thinking on the campy disc but who knows, good luck! I got my 650c ghibli used off here last summer for £265 posted I think it was, seemed fair to me. I remember seeing the zip 3000 wheels on eBay named as 'carbon wheels' or something daft, think you won them if I'm not mistaken didn't you?

    Thats a very fair price, you got a matching rear? Yeah, terribly listed and I managed to get an offer in to the seller before bidding started and got them for reasonable price, neither of which I have now ha.. Not disc related but im turning down buyin that red fir halley for a Zeus toolbox hopefully :-D much excite!

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General Disc Radness (formerly disc wheel valuation thread)

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