White and gold Brother, white and gold.

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  • Which from the title can only mean one thing:


    Everything else will be neutral (probably silver), i.e. bars, spokes, rims, etc.

    Aiming for a 2 week turnaround from today, as it's going to be in a film about LFGSS in a few weeks time.

    Photos of the finished bike: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5sBYGgU3vbTjbQ­S86

  • It's basically a British frame, with NJS parts.

  • I see

  • Oooh, stealth vs bling.

    Are you doing anything on the 28th May? Will the bike be ready? Want to come be in a film?

  • it was a jokey reference to this

  • I hate the fact that the gold on the hubs isn't going to match the gold on the seat post and stem.

    Reckon I should consider my plan B of just getting silver Dura Ace hubs?

    Or do the Suzue's make the bike and really tie it together?

  • Shift the British/NJS balance slightly...

  • I would get the Suzues just because they're Suzues. Everyone does DA.

    Do you know for sure they won't match (decently)? Or is that a hunch based on pictures?

  • I looked up many photos, the Suzues seem to be a matt gold, and the Nittos more a polished gold. The Nittos appear to be brighter too.

    The Suzues look really nice, but I'm sure this will nag me just like it nags slightly with pink co-ordinated bikes (no two pinks are ever the same).

    I'm kinda hoping someone out there has both and will pipe up and say "Do it, they're close enough".

  • Jebus wept! £900!

    That's as bad as the Phil Wood track crankset.

  • Re-anodize the stem/seatpost to match the hubs? Probably cheaper and less prone to fingerprints if they're matt...

  • Needs gold rims and white tyres for maximum fixie points

  • I reckon it'd be pretty hard to match the ano as trial and error is probably not an option in this case. The royces do look great. The suzues are fine, shouldn't be that noticeable in the context of a full build. Do it, they're close enough ;o)
    EDIT: just thinking out loud here. How about buying both silver and go 24k plating on them?

  • The temptation to add lyrics to the seat stays is rising:

    "Always believe in your soul"

    "You're indestructable!"

    That second one may be tempting fate.

  • Ah, a parts list:

    • Suzue Pro Max Gold Hubset (32h)
    • Araya RC-540 Rims (32h)
    • Velox Rim Tape
    • Sugino SG75 Bottom Bracket
    • Sugino SG75 Bottom Bracket Tool Kit
    • Sugino SG75 Silver Crankset (175mm)
    • Sugino SG75 Chainring (47t in Silver)
    • Izumi Standard Track Chain - Gold
    • EAI Gold Medal Pro Cog (17t)
    • Velodrome Shop Coloured Track Lockring (Gold)
    • Nitto NJSP72 Seatpost (44mm in Gold)
    • Shimano Dura-Ace Headset 7410
    • Nitto NJ Pro AA Stem (90mm in Gold)
    • Nitto B125 AA Handlebar (390)
    • Velodrome Shop Keirin Grips (Black)
    • Dia-Compe Gold Finger Lever (Black/Gold)
  • wow, you seem determined to make it to the anti porn thread, i guess none of your bikes have made it there before so it maybe you thought it was time !

    is the salaried lifestyle getting to you ? too much spare cash !

  • It's just a fun bike, something fair weather to enjoy the city.

    I think utility cycling is boring me a bit recently... I need something adequately flippant and fun. No racks, no mudguards, no gears, silly bits of bling, a fun ride.

  • The gold finish on those hubs reminds me of when they try to make gold plastic (as opposed to a chrome-gold finish on top)

  • That's all right.

    Velodrome Shop have a 100% money back guarantee... I can receive them, have a look, and if I'm not happy choose to send them back.

    If I send them back, I'll either go with the Suzue in polished silver, or the low flange Dura Ace 36h (and swap the rims for 36h too).

  • Speaking of Velodrome Shop, SG75 Grand Mighty? For that extra golden goodness...

  • I'm trying for understated, subtle ;)

  • interested to see how these frames build up

  • Parts list is missing a brake, will that be gold too?

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White and gold Brother, white and gold.

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