Tredz - good or bad?

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  • Never used them, they have something Wiggle is out of stock on, and for the same price (elsewhere costs more).

    Yay or Nay?

  • No problems for me so far.
    You can also get a £5 off voucher when you subscribe to their newsletter BTW

  • I've used tredz a fair bit and they've always been good. Sometimes cheaper than wiggle too!

    Even sent me haribo last time if I recall.

  • Been good for me.

  • Usually pretty good and cheaper than others at times. Last time my order didn't arrive after 2 weeks, after a quick phone call it was sorted and I got next day delivery. The courier had damaged the parcel. So not really their fault.

  • Another thumbs up. Always good, usually cheap.

  • 10% off - MDAY10
    Valid until midnight 4th May

  • Bad, in my case.

    I ordered some items, all in stock. Several days later I received an email that the order hadn't been despatched yet* but that when it was, it would be shipped 'express'. Two days later I received an email saying that the order had been shipped 'regular'. I followed up with their sales team via email and they confirmed that the order was shipped express.

    When it didn't arrive within 4 days, I enquired about tracking the package. Presumably anything shipped 'express' via Royal Mail would have a tracking number, but Tredz stated that they weren't able to provide one. Several more emails were exchanged with promises that the order would be re-shipped if the items hadn't arrived.

    I emailed yesterday evening to say that the items hadn't arrived, and they replied this morning that my order had been cancelled. Order placed 15 April, ordered cancelled 28 April. Thanks for nothing, Tredz.

    *I placed orders with Wiggle and Geoffrey Butler Cycles at the same time and their items arrived before Tredz had even despatched.

  • CBA to detail, but I recently gave them another go after having been "bitten" a couple of years ago.

    A mistake I won't repeat.


  • I'll be hitting SBC Cycles first thing tomorrow, which I wish I'd done in the first place. #buylocal

    When Tredz cancelled my order and stated that I'd be refunded, should I have received an invoice or receipt?

  • should I have received an invoice or receipt?

    No idea: Winstanley's (another shower of cunts), just wiped my order off their system, no email, no trace, no nothing.

  • A workmate bought a charge 650b+ and has done a few miles...the rear cassette needed changing, as he let the chain get too shagged. I replaced it for him, as he is still to learn basics, but as I was taking the lock ring off, it felt a bit strange....I started to take the cassette off and the freehub body fell into three pieces! It appears that the lock ring was cross threaded and then just spannered up tight ,thus fucking it completely....and it was impossible to get off. He sent it back, they returned it, incomplete, with a 'new' freehub on....except it was riddled with nibbles from a cassette. So, second hand then.

    Cunts, indeed...

  • Pretty sure what I eventually got wasn't first-hand.

  • A bought some valve extenders from Winstanley with free shipping and they arrived next day on a weekend. I've also bought a couple of things from Tredz including some expensive wheels without issue. Funny how people have different experiences with the same shop. I've always been a bit dubious with the sheer amount of stuff on Tredz's website, surely no one shop can stock basically every brand ever.

  • Minutes after they cancelled my order I received a spam email from them with the subject 'Tell Us What You Think' asking me to review the products I never actually received.

    I'll just send them a link to this thread instead.

  • Another positive vouch for them here, I used them a number of times when I was stocking up on tools 2 years ago, batch orders, single products - even bought a whole Park tool kit from them and no delays or issues. As mentioned, quite often the cheapest prices.

    Possibly the only real gripe is that some tools in the kit were slightly marked, presumably from being chucked around in the courier's hands - Park don't secure the tools so they are free to tumble around somewhat, and the box was a bit bashed. Otherwise nothing traumatic.

  • Double post fail

  • My experience is that if they have it in stock it comes quickly, but more often than not they don't hold stock and order it from the supplier once they receive an order.

  • Reading positive reviews is what prompted me to give them another go.

    Maybe they just don't like me...

  • [Edit] It's probably karma.

  • 100% this. I ordered two Hope hubs from them earlier this week. The front one has been despatched, then they called me today to say it will be about 10 days before the back one arrives. Fortunately I'm not in a big rush.

    On the plus side, they were almost cheapest for both hubs to start with, then I ordered each individually using the £5 off code they are always giving away on the site. So they were about £4 cheaper per hub than anyone else.

    Basically buy from them when they're cheapest and you're not in a rush. I've bought quite a bit from them and never had any problems with the stuff once it's arrived.

  • Had my first (and last) experience with Tredz. I knew it was iffy when the order confirmation stated that I 'should' receive goods within a week, and that I wouldn't be charged until despatch. That's the ultimate cop-out, not happy.

    Suffice to say, goods never showed and they cancelled the order without barely a sniff of an apology. £5 money off voucher my arse.

  • Bought twice off them recently. Like others have said it takes a week longer than crc or wiggle but can be more than a fiver off with a discount.

  • They've started dishing out mini Haribo packets with orders. Mini Tangfastics too, not the 'standard' Haribo you get from Wiggle.

    I got FOUR packets today with a set of Hope skewers (£25, way cheaper than anywhere else).

    I must have been lucky because every order I've made where something isn't in stock results in a very polite phone call from them apologising for the delay then the stuff arriving in due course, they've never cancelled an order on me.

  • They've almost never had anything in stock that I have tried to order from them, I won't use them unless they are the only place that offers something.

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Tredz - good or bad?

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