GT Edge Aero TT --> paint pron tarck conversion attempt

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  • Do it properly in the first place or walk away from it. First thing I was taught in a workshop. The plan was for new paint anyway so don't see why heat treating would be an issue?

  • Surprisingly, this has been saved from the scrap heap, and is now a living working rideable bike... Inaugural ride will be tomorrow at norths drinks birthday and TT of death - I thought it would be fitting for this death trap rat bike. I won't ruin the suspense by posting any pics now, so you'll just have to rock up to check it out. I will say that there may or may not be a spinergy rev-x involved...
    Still looking for a few bits to finish off v1 "properly" (input welcome) :
    Pedals - I have egg beaters, but I feel like rat traps would be more appropriate?
    Bars - I have some narrow nitto purple risers, but they seem a bit try-hard maybe? I have been after some pursuit bars if anyone has any?

  • You absolute tease

  • I bet it looks shit


  • I'll take that bet. I bet it looks no worse than meh.

  • Well done for not killing it yet. Brakless death TT or gtfo>>>

    It'll certainly look shitter than before you started cutting it up but at least it's still rideable!

  • pfft whats the point of the internet if I have to go into the real world to see something...

    glad it finally worked out, have been watching. was scared :D in a good way

  • For those of the "pics or it didn't happen persuasion" here is a pic of the rat king in front of a nicely lit church by the Flask in Highgate for Norths drinks bday 7 and a shameful platform pic as I took the Overground partway home due to some of the technical issues on my death TT.

    The bike is definitely solid and I think having ridden it on a fairly quick descent and a grinding climb, I would trust it in pretty much any situation for a short ride. No need to test it on anything longer for now :-)
    For the schadenfraudsters, I did actually have the spinergy ready to go but it was a bit too wide in the hub (actually measured 132mm),while the GT has been reduced from 130 to about 124. With all the other potential issues I thought it best not to squeeze it in...
    Edit : pic by the flask was fuzzy and too big, so I took it off...

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  • lose the rear brake and fill/hide/cut off all evidence of gearieness. get a nicer fork, and repaint it.

  • But keep the brake levers in exactly that position.

  • Good to hear that it is somewhat safe.

    What happened to the gussets?

  • lose the rear brake and fill/hide/cut off all evidence of gearieness. get a nicer fork, and repaint it.

    for sure

  • WI ENO


  • pdlouche
    I bet it looks shit


  • @Borek and @young_gun yes that will all be part of V2, but this is the first incarnation, which is gonna remain ratty - if you have some cheap forks that are better than the "limp dick" carbon ones, let me know. The brakes will come off of course, but was trying to stay safe for the steep downhills around highgate last night - plus the internally routed cable for the rear brake was already in place, so I thought I might as well keep it.
    @Hefty hehe... only just noticed the levers drooping there- my cockpit went completely haywire in the death TT at Norths b-day drinks as I narrowly avoided a car at speed, so it was all a bit out of sorts!
    @HHC gussets coming for V2 as promised (see post #1), but I might do some cut-outs of the different possibilities to allow for some voting on how extreme to go with aero webbing... thinking something around the chainstay may now be more in order given the messiness of the ends/dropouts area (5 bolts on each side now!)

  • given the messiness of the ends/dropouts area (5 bolts on each side now!)

    Need pictures of the mess! I thought you were getting someone to weld ali dropouts on?

  • Unfortunately that would have been more expensive, so I just got someone to put struts on that distribute the stress along the stays. It doesn't actually look as bad as you would think... more pics later.

  • I like you @jdmitch

    You have a nice attitude to life.

    I predict you will go far and die happy.

    Don't go changing.

  • Thanks @Hefty - here are the pics of the frankensurgery - not pretty, I know (!!) but at least its rideable

    obviously, I will replace the silver bolts and nuts with black ones to match, and file down the ends of the bolts sticking through the hex nuts...

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  • fucking hell

  • Lol, not even nylock nuts.

  • And here it is on the street with the spinergy:

    need to mod the axle a bit to fit properly (just took off one part for now rather than stretching the stays.

    from the other side (trying out the look with drop bars):

    very narrow (a bit too narrow, actually!):

    from this angle you can just about catch the glint of purple in the colour-changing paint (other photos seem to all come out green) that the handlebars are desperately trying (but failing) to match :P :

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  • if I was a 12-year old boy I'd have to say you set yourself up for this:

    "who needs nylock nuts when you got deez nuts!"

    PS it's nyloc
    PPS obviously I'm going to get nyloc nuts

  • You know, there are people prone to latent suicide ( to give some blunt examples, alcoholics or those who, on a more refined note, excell at an activity but give it up just before a breakthough success, like ruin their booming business or something. Reckless riding could fit here for some)... Anyway, where was I, latent (or prolonged or passive or whatever) suicide — this structure 'stead of dropouts plus the renowned 'suicide' wheel... Never mind, just saying.

    This is all tounge in cheek, of course. I've been following the build with great interest. Arguably there were more reliable and elegant ways to do the same, but if you brush up on cosmetic side of things the whole affair will turn out just fine, it seems. As long as it makes you feel good and is structurally sound — who cares, it feels good.

  • Truly bonkers.

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GT Edge Aero TT --> paint pron tarck conversion attempt

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