GT Edge Aero TT --> paint pron tarck conversion attempt

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  • @Vince has put his GT Edge Aero on hold for me until I get back to London next week, and I am starting to think about how to build it up in advance, and what bits I will need.
    I am also picking up on Vince's idea of converting it to the obviously cooler GT aero track
    ... but I want to take it a step further by taking advantage of the large surface area of the bike to give it a rad paint job for maximum head-turning.
    My plan is first to get it rolling quickly with the essentials - and keep the colour-changing teal->purple paint for a few months just for lulz.
    for this I'll need

    • 700c forks, preferably cheap carbon, with a threadless 1" steerer
    • track ends (from @ShuttaSeven)... I hope my metalworking tools/skills are up for fitting them
    • headset and BB
      -everything else ;)

    Then after a few months, once I've had inspiration for a rad colour scheme, phase two will be to add as much superfluous aero surface area as possible (webbing, aero cut-out seat tube, etc) to create a large canvas for some very bright paint... We'll see where it goes from there!

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  • kinesis or argos bladed steel fork? would look great, imo. (or giant/easton if carbonz is what you want)

  • good shout... I will have a look around for those - let me know if you come across anything!

  • needs somthing fatter then that to match this frame

  • agree, but there aren't many kinesis-like forks kicking around..

  • @hma I think that is a bit beyond the budget! :(
    @young_gun - needs something fatter than the kinesis/argos steel blades, or fatter than the easton's ?
    I have to admit I like the thin steel blades, and this was never going to be a weight-weenie anyways, so carbon seems like a bit of a contradiction...

    I have put up a wanted post, to see whether anyone has anything to offer...

  • just keep it simple and find one of these...

  • i'd go for the kinesis too. but i like the alloy version better :)

  • profile design do a nice fork along those lines

  • Head Tube 14cm so you will need to take into account the headset stack if you go for threaded forks and headset stack+ahead stem clamping height if you go for threadless.

    This roughly translates in 18cm threaded or 22cm threadless.

    The frame used to be fitted with Profile Design bladed carbon threadless forks. I personally think it would look better with threaded steel forks like the tarcx version.

  • Thanks @Vince - missed the earlier listing of headtube dimensions somehow...
    I had been hoping these from @GreatSince78 would work, but it seems the steerer is too short (129mm):

    I was briefly flirting with the idea of trying to work around the height issue, but probably not worth it - I do find bits that almost fit a little bit too tempting sometimes!

  • How about this possibility - Felt airfoil 3.3:

    I wouldn't say they are a great match with the frame as is, but once everything gets repainted, it may work (and tbh it would feel like a waste to paint over the nice shiny kinesis forks, so I'd be happier to paint over these). And at least it has enough steerer!

  • ewwwww, skinny steel is a better look then that.

  • ditto^ kinesis ftw

  • Those looke like flared pants/melting forks ewww

    Shape and surfacing wise they don't correspond with what's happening on your frame.

  • Hmm... Short kinesis forks plus stem adapter? I have read that it doesn't work, but also heard anecdotally that it does...
    Or I could get drastic and trim the head tube and get a very short stack on the headset...
    Or maybe just wait for another kinesis fork with longer steerer (but what fun would that be? !)

  • is steerer steel? if so just lengthen it (framebuilder can add a piece with an inner sleeve and you can go threadless for better bar/stem choices)

  • I haven't done it personally, but I am in the same boat as you and wanted to extend my short threaded steerer into a ahead one.

    Theoretically this product exists:­-parts/BHP-21 which can be had on wiggle for around $20.

    Which gives you something like this:

    The good thing about this is that internal bolt you see is threaded, so you can preload the stem with a top cap. If it was me, I would make sure the lower stem bolt is clamping onto the original steerer at least.

  • The steerer is steel, so I am thinking I might go for the welding extension ... I have a couple other small welding jobs so I will have to get some welding kit set up at some point this summer anyways.

  • are you a professional welder? if not, i wouldn't recommend going at it yourself.. it's better paying a framebuilder than a dentist..

  • hmmm... yeah it has been a while since I have done much welding, so might not be worth risking it. I'll look into the other options as it seems like it would be expensive to have it done professionally. I had been hoping to stick with a threaded steerer, which I don't think is possible with the "add-on" options...


    I know there is a problem with the steerer on this listing, but I and several other forumengers have used londoncarbonrepairs in the past with great success. They might be able to fix it.

  • @jdmitch I forgot to PM you to tell you about those Kinesis forks - they would suit nicely

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GT Edge Aero TT --> paint pron tarck conversion attempt

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