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  • living in the South it's a long way to go

    There's a solution to that (first hit, other properties and locations may suit better)

    GPS is so good these days it should see you ok. So long as it doesn't fail, which I'm always mildly anxious about.

    Recce'd Masrsden to Hebden without camping gear today, much more runnable, especially with a tailwind. If race pace matches today I'll be at the Old Gate for last orders then on to the Trades Club. #notachance


  • April Fool or something?! Like how they've gone for the Viz magazine visuals

  • Nope. It was a fully real product.

  • This is my kink

  • In other news, fucking love Gossamer Gear. Have acquired a Kumo, Minimalist and the Twinn Tarp in recent months and they're all really, really great products.

  • If I could afford a second home like that I might consider it. Yeah the only concern I have is battery life. Watch will last 24hrs on a full charge, recording GPS position every second so with lower accuracy and carrying a charging block plus some charge at every checkpoint I'm hoping I should be ok.
    Not far off now, getting pretty real!

  • Took a long weekend up in the Cairngorms recently. Nothing too adventurous, but so nice to be up there again.

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  • In other news, fucking love Gossamer Gear. Have acquired a Kumo, Minimalist and the Twinn Tarp in recent months and they're all really, really great products.

    I have the mariposa 60. excellent backpack. tons of room for your lightweight but bulky gear and weighs fuck all.

  • Bad one on Grand Combin yesterday, on the Plateau du Déjeuner approach.

    17 climbers caught in a serac collapse at 3,400m at about 6am. 2 dead, 9 critical injuries. Grim.

    Temperature was above freezing up to 4200m the night before. There's a reason why you should always be risk assessing upwards but ultimately it comes down to luck.

  • Yeah. All of their packs are great. Also had a G420 but ultimately decided I didn’t need a hip belt as pretty much my entire load out has become ultralight jerk and I have no bulk. The Kumo does a really great job - even without it’s removable hip belt - of carrying my base weight + three days of food. It gets bogged down if I carry 4L of water, but it’s unusual to need to carry that much. Have tried other frameless packs that sucked. But the Kumo is a lifer.

  • Damn, that's terrible. I've heard so many stories of aborted alpine trips this spring. People staying in cabanes, getting up for an alpine start to realise nothing froze overnight and the snow was already moving in the early hours.
    Also had a few friends do the Patrouille des Glaciers and by all accounts it sounded horrendous.

  • Also had a few friends do the Patrouille des Glaciers and by all accounts it sounded horrendous.

    Speaking of PDG, was awesome to see Martin Anthamatten bag another one with Werner Marti and Remy Bonnet. He's a really nice guy. Super humble and welcoming/supportive of n00bs to his various sports.

  • I've met Sam a few times, he's also an exceptionally nice guy. I wonder who the black sheep of that family is, because Simon also seems like a great human.

  • I met their younger sister a few years ago. She works for the French brand Millet.

    She spent an hour helping me try out different backpacks and ended up curing about five years worth of back pain for me

    She also seems like a good person. And despite protestations that she's the only "human" in that generation of her family, she's an absolutely epic skier. You can also tell that she's nice because you could see her visibly swell with pride when talking about Martin, Sam and Simon's various achievements.

  • I'm selling a Garmin GPSMap 66st. Before I put it on eBay, anybody here interested for £190 + postage? Unboxed. Good condition. Will throw in some rechargeable batteries and a cable.

    Its loaded with various openstreetmap maps for the Swiss and Austrian Alps at the moment. I personally wouldn't bother with the paid for maps...they're not better than OSM imho . Maybe apart from the super expensive swiss Topo maps which are awesome (if you actually need them).

  • Sounds similar to the one in Switzerland a few weeks ago. After a few days of above freezing temps up high. Horrible.

  • This incident has really spooked my parents a couple of weeks before I spend two months doing above snowline stuff in Austria and Switzerland.

    Me explaining that our mountain guide had a super near miss (centimeters) in a rockfall on the Matterhorn (an incident that killed 2) a few years back means we'd never clmb in a heat wave didn't help 😬

  • Scary times…

    On a lighter note, we’re doing a week in Yorkshire at the end of the month, in van so can move around a bit.

    Recommendations for fun little outcrops for some lazy trad action? Got plenty of guides for the area but if anyone knows some good spots up to hvs then let us know!
    Haven’t done any chimneys for a while…

  • Anyone see Climbing Blind on BBC4 the other night?

    Fuck me. Old Man of Hoy climbed blind.


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Hiking, Scrambling, Mountaineering, and Climbing

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